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Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1999 16:56:02 GMT
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Name: Charlie

Location: Hudson Valley,NY

Date: 1980

Time: 8:00 PM

Sighting: In mid 1982,Myself and my girlfriend were driving down a mountain
road in Poughkeepsie NY to visit my brother who then lived in Wappingers
falls.This would be quite a boring story if it were not for what happened
along the way. As we descended this hill, I saw what appeared to be a large
jet(a 747 perhaps) making what seemed to be a final descent and I jokingly
said to my girlfriend "look! a UFO"! . Of course I was thinking that it was
a jet. I started to reason out that it could not be a jet because it was
much too large to land at stewart airport, which was the only airport
nearby.It was dusk,and I could see this ship pretty well,although it was
still very far off. Suddenly the front lit up with what seemed to be 4 big
bright white headlights. I grew up in Inwood,Long Island which is right
under Kennedy airport and I know a conventional aircraft when I see one.
This was no jet. I pulled over to stop the car so I could get a closer
look as this thing went over. As we were looking up at it, we could both
clearly see that it had no fuselage at all but rather just a large
"boomerang" shape to it. It also had red and green lights underneath. The
odd thing was not only that it was huge, and moved very very slowly,but
it made absolutely NO SOUND what so ever. Not even a hiss.
Some time later it came out in various publications that
many others had seen exactly the same thing in that area over the same few
days. I was just wondering if you know anything about it. I always
believed in the possibility of extra-terrestials but it wasn't until this
experience that I was convinced by my own two eyes!



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