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Subject: Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 21:51:40 +0000

Location:=Kent, Washington
Time:=4:47 A.M
Got up to use the bathroom and while looking out the bathroom window
saw that Orian was up and georgeous and stepped out onto our deck to
observe, never saw it because directly in front of me, across our
little valley just at tree top height was this object, about 200
yards away. In perspective it was in proportion to the side of a
hockey puck, about 30 feet across. The side view was divided in
half, one side glowed red like florescent lights the other half was
glowing blue, again like florescent lighting. And then across the
entire width, through the middle were individual white lights of
strobe intensity, each operating independently and could easily be
seen moving around in their sprocket. It was just hanging there
not moving, making no sound, and the individual lights even though
at times were directed right at me didn't light anything up. It
started moving in a westerly direction at the same altitude which
was about 100 feet, I could have kept up with it just walking.
When my visibility was blocked by my neighbors cherry tree it
suddenly seemed to come closer at a high rate of speed, even
through the tree I could easily see the line of bright lights, it
suddenly stopped and the string of lights became one bright light.
It was at this point I broke out of what ever had kept me glued to
the spot and ran for my camera. When I got back it had risen to
a height where I could easily pick out the triangle shape. It had
6 large bright lights across the bottom in rows like this
* *
* * * it was now headed in a north westerly
direction, very slowly and as the tip slowly rotated towards the
north I could once again see the blue flourescent color on the side,
now without the bright lights. I ran for the front of the house
because it became obscured by large trees but couldn't spot it
again. I saw it again the following Wednesday night at about 9:45
very briefly across the road over a wilderness area of several
hundred acres of undeveloped land. Haven't seen it since. The side

_looked like this ****************************
* RED * Blue *
Lights ****************************
* Red * blue *
This is only one of 3 very close observations within 30 to 60 feet
here at my home, that I can honestly say beyond a shadow of a doubt
I can classify as UFO's and two other sightings that while lights
in the sky, too large and strange in their behavior to be any known
craft, because they were so far away I CAN say I don't know what
they were.

I would like to hear from others who have had similar experiences.
I've had people tell me they wish they could see one of these things
and I always tell them "No you don't, they only make you have more
questions that can't be answered." Because I would really like to
know why I keep seeing the things. I really wish they'd just leave
me alone.

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