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UFO Sighting
Friday, 09-Jul-1999 18:19:17

Message: writes:

At approximately 4:40am as I began my morning jog, I spotted
an airplane (propeller drive) making it's approach to
the local airport (no big deal). It passed directly overhead.
As I walked through the gate of my apartment complex I
was facing north. I exited the complex, then I spotted a
"point of light" toward the northeast horizon, moving in an
eastward horizontal downward slant. The point was not
overhead, but was at a slightly elevated position in my line of
sight, again towards the northeast horizon.
The light was only a "point". It did not shine or glow and to
be honest was rather dim. I could not determine it's
distance from my location. It's horizontal downward movement
reminded me of an airplane on its landing approach.
However, as I observed, the light was moving at a higher rate
of speed than any aircraft I have ever seen on a landing
approach. My second impression was that it was a falling star.
Then it happened. The point of light, from it's horizontal
downward direction, abruptly went into a loop, up and back,
reversing it's direction, now heading west, the way that it had
come. Then, the point stopped and hung. However, my
impression is that the light was not stationary. It had
changed directions again and was heading away from my
location, appearing to be stationary from my point of view.
At that, I then observed a second point of light duplicating
the first one's behavior, as if following it's lead. When the
second point had done it's "back-loop", the first point then
maneuvered to join the second point. The points then
moved west, criss-crossing each other, then heading upwards,
where I lost sight of them.



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