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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Friday, August 22, 1997 at 21:19:12
name: Lorenzo
location: EL Paso TX
date: 04/05/97
time: 05:53 AM

sighting: Please read.......

I didn't not see an air craft. I got up one moring like every morning, I opened up the garage door and was backing up my car. A the garage door was going down, I remembered I left my wallet in the house and proceeded to go back into the house and get it. On my way back to the car I looked glanced up at the sky which was now a bright light blue generated for a sun that was coming up. There were no clouds in the sky except for a white trail of what looks like exhaust from a airplane. I the line looked like it was drawn with a pencil. Clean and defined, not like a trail of exhaust that has been blown by wind. The line made 90 degree turns, spirals, circles and the figure Z many times, there was no beginning trail from where it could of originated and no ending trail , I have live here for 1 year, and have seen this 2 times, I have a camera ready in case I am luck enough to see this again. I don't believe that this is a natural occurance, seeing this has convinced me of that. If I am luck enough to see this again, I will send a picture of this.

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