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Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 08:23:50 +0000
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)
Name: veronica
Location: louisana
Date_of_Sighting: june of 99
Time_of_Sighting: nighttime
sorry i wont give my name. ive had personal experieces. 
too many of them  i just want to describe a small one 
perhaps someone can explain or has seen them last june 
i went with my luv on a trip to LA, we took i beleive 
highway 65 along the passed the towns 
waterproof,trasylvania, as we got inbeytween towns in 
the middle of nowehr ein LA.. still along the Miss. 
river my luv pointed out couple lights on the sky...
i sorta saw them but i was driving so it wasnt easy 
to pay attention... then i pulled the car over unforn  
every now and then a car would come and blind our view..
these 2 lil lights would chase each other in the sky 
they apepar then vanish a lil. ut they would go after 
one another not like spotlights where they just go 
around in random movement these 2 lights would chase 
each other..
ive also seen grey obcecting flying thry IL..... and  
near our airport a vert quiet moving trinagle ship 
with a circle bottom and 2 lights. and 1 hovering over 
a road in town..overa hill
with 3 lights.. .also one day i got off work and 
driving at a stop light a large rocket shape yet empty
metal object too big too be on a semi, and it wasnt 
standing or anything when i went to work part of a 
stop light was bent and damaged and it was in the 
middle of the road anyway.. these are just a few. 
thought id share them

Subject: UFOSNMW REPORT FORM Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 08:58:19 +0000 From: unknown@unknown (unknown) To: Name: veronica Location: an experience i had Date_of_Sighting: june of 95 Time_of_Sighting: 6am Sighting: this is an experience i had in the middle of the night.. ive had many but this one woke me up from realizing there is sumthing more out there., and i am still searching for it.... i was raised in christianity for 18 years i believed very strong i was very devoted but i had experiences since i was lil that i kept asking why why and i wouldnt accept the devil as the only answer.. when i was lil, i heard things saw things expericnes things.. everytime i closed my eyes i saw very bright lights they blinded me soo badly, i sweat and i had to have a nightlite on everyone thought i was afraid of the dark but it had nothing to do with that it helped with the lights...... i felt i was from anotherworld and not sure why i am here.. my body is human but very different and i experience things that are unnoticable through medical equipment.. but anyway.. this experience woke me up and i wish i wish i pursued in more when it happened i was up most of the night i went to bed around 5am, i lived in a small house, we werent rich i slept in the living room on a cot my mother slept in a pull out chair next to me not too far away and my sis laid on a couch near my feet. a chair she lied her feet on and a tv was in the corner... at about 6am an hour later... *i saw the time once i sat up and cleared my vision to glance at the blue light on the vcr display... was 6am i woke up being strnagled. my eyes were closed still because you dont open them very quickly usually if you are half asleep and get woke up i woke up couldnt breathe with something choking me like strangling me trying to put me to sleep or kill me im not sure. but i swung my arms around and swung a few times till it was gone i sat up and opened my eyes, very blurry but this is when i saw it was 6am..i saw at the end of my bed near my sisters feet a swirling glowingyellow mist like almost like a portal swirling and moving... and i yelled "mommie mommie" 2 times lke a frightened child.. then the portal faded away and i fell asleep almsot instantly.... i woke up later confused as ever becuz i never had sumthing sooo strong like this..... btw i was about 18 at the time.... i tried to project and go back to this experience but i hadnt had much luck yet but i will not give up.. just wanted to share this

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