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UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World

Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Saturday, April 26, 1997 at 22:46:05
location: Lovington, New Mexico
date: 5/22/96
time: 2:00 PM

sighting: The witness below wishes to remain unidentified. The case can also be seen at C.Thompson, GA MUFON state dir./ISUR board member.

The witness had just returned from feeding his horses, and gone inside his house, when he noticed in the back a creature of some kind perched atop a six foot fence. Immediately, he knew it was something very strange. Standing 3.5 feet tall, and having a long whip-like tail, the creature was of blackish green color, and had long 4 inch fangs coming out of the top of its mouth. Additionally, the creature's mouth was full of razor-like teeth.

The creature--an apparent subspecies of the Chupacabra--also weighed an estimated 60-80 pounds, and had "three bird-like toes" according to the witness. On its two arms, or wings, it had "claws, long and shiny." The striking physical feature of the chupacabra seen was its large red blazing eyes. The witness said its eyes had an hypnotic effect, and in his opinion tried to excert mind-control over him. It was the witness's distinct feeling that the alien creature was threatening. That being the situation, he got his double-barrel 12 gauge shotgun, and opened the patio door and slowly walked outside. He said he could not take his eyes away from the chupacabra's eyes, as he watched it jump to the ground and emerged from behind some nearby grape vines. Bringing the shotgun up to his shoulder, he fired twice. The creature on the second barrel gave "a high pitched scream," and disappeared into smoke. Immediately, there was a horrible stench which drifted with the light breeze blowing.

The stench, according to the witness, a World War II veteran, was like "dead Japs burning." He said that was the closest smell--of burning bodies --he could compare the awful stink too. He also felt if that he had not shot the alien--not a flesh-and-blood animal as we know it--it would have attacked him. The witness also said that the cat/fox like faced alien, or robot, had "eyes" that were maybe cameras or sensors, instead of real eyes. The chupacabra was extraordinarily agile, and moved with remarkable speed and great coordination. The witness's three dogs on coming outside after the shooting, howled on smelling the stench left by the creature and tried to get back inside the house.

Even a month later after the shooting, the witness says his dogs do not like going near the spot where he shot the chupacabra at. (This investigation originally came to light on the Peoples' Radio Network's show, "Vincent & Company, with host Joel Vincent. The investigator wishes to thank Joel and his producer, Chris Brown, for putting me into contact with the witness. The investigator also wishes to thank MUFON State State Director of Puerto Rico, Cesar Remus, a most experienced Chupacabra investigator, for providing invaluable expertise on this case.)

This case was originally invesigated for MUFON by this field investigator.

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