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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Tuesday, March 4, 1997 at 18:05:07
name: Luz
location: Puerto Rico
date: circa '77
time: early a.m.

sighting: This is a report told to me by my girlfriend who grew up in a small town near the southeast coast of Purto Rico. She was very emotional and clearly upset when telling me the story. When she was about 10 yrs old; she, her sister and mother were awoken late at night by a huge bright glow from outside the house. She said it was as if it was 12 Noon, but even brighter, however there was no temp. change. She and her mother looked outside and saw a huge glowing orb sitting above some trees. In the blink of an eye the orb was above there house. The orb began to make a loud humming sound, and a metal dull clanking sound came from within, further the entire house began to shake (she said the house was made of cement to protect against hurricanes) but no structural damage occured. The whole exp. lasted for a couple of hours. She said, she and her family were all very scared. Further, as she peeked out the window she saw the orb jet away at an incredible speed, as soon as the orb disappeared her family cats, dogs, and farm animals went berserk. She was in tears at the end of the conversation and told me her family never spoke about the exp. again and still refuses to to this day. I have no way of validating this, but I am a very critical person of such things, in law school-hence I analize things to death, but I could feel the tenseness she omitted while telling me the story. It was as if I heard the story from a rape victim--very emotionally intense and draining!
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