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Subject: Huge magnificient craft:
Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 19:23:14(Date and time sent to this site)


I don't recall the year but it was when my daughter was probably in the 6th
grade and I had picked her and some of her little friends up from the
stating rink.We lived in the country at the time on the out skirts of
Little Rock, Ar. and the roads were hilly and winding. The girls had fallen
asleep and it was beautiful outside and the time was about 8:30 or 9:00 pm.
About one quarter of a mile from my house I saw a huge magnicficient craft
hovering over the trees. There was no sound coming from it, and it had
lights all the way around it. It was silver in color and had several
stories because each of the stories were all lit up inside. I didn't see
anything inside except the light. It is safe to say that this craft was at
least the size of a football field. I remember hurrying home and ran in to
tell my husband at the time that he wouldn't believe what I had just seen,
when he replied, "you won't believe what hovered over our house for about 5
minutes." I called the Jacksonville Air Base not too far from L.R. and
asked them if they had any calls of a craft, and they told me no. I had a
beauty shop in our home at the time and I started asking my customers the
next couple of days if they had seen the craft or heard anything. Most of
them told me that they had seen it but didn't want to talk about it. My
husband wouldn't talk about it either. I went to the library and checked
out all kinds of books on the subject but got scared of what I read so I
gave it up, but I will never forget the size or the beauty of it. Since
that time I have several sightings of objects at a distance and strange
things happen to me, I now drive an 18 wheeler and have seen numerous
sightings. I never recorded the dates because I felt that people would
think me crazy, and now that I got my computer I find that I am not alone.
I will write about all the other sightings and strange things that has
happened to me when I get it compiled. Thanks!

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