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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 21:05:03 -0700

hi! i live in a small town in southern arizona 
and although u may not believe me, there are 
a large number of ufo sightings in the state and
area. i think it may be because southern arizona 
and new mexico and northern mexico is literally 
the worlds largest electro-magnet because of
all the copper in the ground. one of the most 
famous in the area is the huge sighting in Phoenix 
on March 13, 1997. i live about 150 miles south of
Phoenix, but it was in the newspaper here. 
unfortunately, when i asked my family members
(most of my family on my dads side lives in Phoenix), 
they had all said they werent looking in that direction 
at the time. 
    you probably think none of this is of any importance, 
but im just trying to say that since so many sightings 
do happen here, you should have something for 
sightings in Arizona, and not just cali and nm. 
    my brother does not believe in ufo's and teases and 
scolds me for believing, so, please, do not reply. i have 
added your page to my favorites, i will constantly 
check on it.

A. Believer
somewhere, Arizona

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}