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Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 03:55:26 GMT
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Name: Mary

Location: Hinesville, GA

Date: 13 June 99

Time: 5:30 a.m.

Sighting: This is the second sighting I personally have encountered. I, my
husband and my daughter were on our way back home (Manassas, Virginia) after
spending the week at my mother-in-laws. I was driving and went to turn left
out of the development my mother-law-in lives in, (Wexford) just off the
main road highway 84. I was driving slow and about to pickup to the speed
limit when I noticed from the right side of the top of the trees a soft red
object whip out. I thought maybe I noticed a street light, since the lights
on the street were a soft red light. I began to slow down because the
object appeared to have stopped over the middle of the street and then
picked up speed heading towards us. As the object came closer it made no
noise; it appeared to have a soft red glow around the entire craft; it was
round and its diameter was approx the width of the street; and as it went
over us, I could see an extensive pattern of lines on the bottom. Right
before that moment when the object went over us, I told my husband to look,
and that there was something in the sky right above the car. He felt the
shadow of something above us, but as soon as he looked out the window it
was gone. I then turned our car around and went to the community at the
back end of the street to see if it was hovering around, but it was
completely gone. That same day, after returning to Virginia, I contacted
the Hinesville local airport if they had any flying aircraft in the area
at 5:30 a.m. They indicated no aircraft where flying that morning at that
time. I contacted the local police department to see if they received any
calls about any low flying aircraft that morning in the area. The police
indicated no calls where received. I can say and believe this was a UFO.

The first instance of a UFO sighting for me was in Frankfurt, Germany in
the American Housing Area -


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