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Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 17:26:08 GMT
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)
Name :Kerry  and Gareth 
Location: South Western Manitoba Canada
Date_of_Sighting: July  1995
Time_of_Sighting: around 11:30 or 12 AM
We live  in Manitoba, Canadain a rural farming community. 
My boyfriend and I were driving around the country one 
night, he was going through a messy separation, we both 
worked and hardly saw eachother and were just out for a 
late drive to talk. We were not drinking or doing drugs 
of any sort. We were a mile South of my Dad's farm driving 
East, going slow because I was driving and we were also 
watching an incoming thunder and lightning storm moving 
west. I was looking out the window to the South East at 
the lightning and there was a huge lightning bolt which 
connected to other lightning in the clouds, it really lit 
up. At the same instant the first lightning bolt flashed I 
saw a spacecraft in plain, distinct view. The color was a 
darker pewter and it was "short and fat."It had a oval 
(oblong) middle and if you took the middle, cut it in half 
and stuck one part on the top and one part on the bottom 
that's what I saw. I saw it long enough to watch three 
lights, I think one was on each level. The lights went on 
and off in sucession. The first two were white and ended 
with a beautiful mauve/purple light. It is hard to say how 
bright the lights were because of the lightning. I don't 
think, well I'm pretty sure there wasn't any glare or shine 
off the craft from the lightning. Before I stopped the 
truck I looked over at Gareth and said, did you see that? 
He said yes, I said what the he-double hockey sticks was 
that? I had him describe what he saw to make sure we saw 
the same thing. We stopped the truck and got out and 
watched for a while and drove around to see if we could see 
it again, no luck. When I look at pictures of UFO's people 
have taken, I have never seen in them, what we saw. The 
pictures are of longer flatter crafts, the one we saw was 
short and "fat." I told my family what I saw and they 
laughed at me, of course. My sister who lives with my 
parents told me I was hallucinating or imagining things, 
until this summer. My Grandparent's live three miles South 
of my Dad's,  my Mother works there to cook/clean 
for her ailing parents. My Mom and sister were comming back 
from their farm this summer around 11 Pm or so, it was 
really dark clear night. They were a half a mile from home 
and a brilliant beam of light lit up the back of their truck, 
it then went out and lit up the cab, only for seconds. They 
stopped the truck, there was no planes, no veicahls, no 
noise, nothing. They both agree that it came from the sky. 
When I spoke to my sister later she then agreed that I did 
see something that night(when I saw the strange craft). This 
is not as strange as what happened to my Grandfather's 
brother fifty years ago along the same stretch of road. Back 
then the brothers had a huge farm and employed alot of 
people. It was late at night, dark, and they were coming 
back from the field when a bright glowing object appeared 
beside the drivers side of the truck and followed them home. 
There were two hired men in the truck and they all had the 
same story. The driver had even sped up,then  slowed down in 
attempt to loose it but did not. I don't know the whole story 
but that's what my Mom told me. I am not a believer in UFO's 
but what we saw I cannot explain, but I know what I saw. If 
anyone has had a similar experience I would love to hear 
about it. I have never asked anyone in the area where we live 
if they have everseen anything unusuall because it is a small 
community and that would not go over to well, I also have 
kids in school who would get the brunt of the ridicule. If 
need be,I would gladly submit to a lie detector test. 

Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 15:08:35 GMT
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)
Gareth  (Kerry)  
I sent a detailed letter of my sighting did you receive it?
Would you please let me  know as I would love to speak with 
persons who have seen unidentified flying objects, this has 
been bugging me for years. thanks.


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