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Subject: fishing trip july 2 , 1998
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 16:05:55 EDT
 on the morning of july 2,1998 i witness an orange light in 
the sky  flying in a stange manner. i was on a fishing trip 
at bluewater lake just west of grants.  at about 0420i was 
facing a sse direction . i noticed a orange light fall 
directly down out of the sky and stop just above the ridge 
line. it was still a good distance away at  the time it 
appered about the size of a dime on the ceiling. at first i 
was thinking it might be a meteor. and just went on fishing. 
about 5-10 min later  i just looked up to the s and i saw the 
same orange light. but it was about the size of a quarter 
now and there was no sound. it travelled in a northely 
direction. at this time it appered to be east of the lake. i 
watched it move across the sky  with a for a few about 
15seconds. i then ran about 5 yrds to my pick-up woke my 9 yr 
old son to take a look at this . i when i got him to look up  
in the northern sky where the light should have been . it
wasnt there it was back in the southern sky at about the same 
position i had seen it trhe first time.
my son and i watched it move to the north where it didn't fly 
to the horizon it was just gone. my son and i were so excited 
that he then got up and we just looked at the sky. and  there 
it was almost  directly above us slightly to the north .again 
about the size of a quarteron your living room ceiling and it
moved to the south. there was still no sound and no flashing 
collision light as there would be on an airplane. ben my son 
then asked could it be a satilite . it then moved under a 
cloud bank and over the next. and then it just disappeared 
south of the lake. well of course we looked back to the north 
and there it was again. it moved the same direction and same 
speed and this time it travelled in a long semicircle to the 
sse. except for the first time i noticed it , it flew in a 
strait line then ever few seconds it would appear to "zig-zag". 
it wasn't a big change just enough to see it from where we 
were standing. the sun came up shortly  after that and we spent 
a great day fishing catching huge catfish all day.
conditions were , no moon it was out during the day . partly 
cloudy sky mainly far to the south and a very clear sky . the 
stars were out in full force once the moon set.
i asked a few othe people at the lake who said they were up and 
no one else saw these lights.
this is the second time i have seen a light fly in this zig-zag 
pattern i had seen one in the early 90' camping in the jemaz, 
but this was a blueish white color that ocassion.
thanks for your time      mark 
                                    albq. n.m.


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