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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports Lyons, Boulder county, Colorado
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on Monday, July 7, 1997 at 16:42:55
name: Mark and Jan Buitron
location: Lyons, Boulder county, Colorado
date: 11-27-95
time: 2200 +/-

sighting: The following event has been something I have kept quiet about for about one and a half years. However recently on the NET ( ) I saw a history of UFO sightings in the USA. From that I learned that a UFO had been spotted the same night (11-27-95) east of where I live. Therefore I realized that perhaps what I witnessed did have something to do with UFOs. I sent the story in to one of the UFO Web sites. Then I realized that it might be more healthy for me to spread the story to several sites instead of just one (if you understand my meaning). I live in a small town called Lyons which is in the eastern Rocky Mountains of Colorado in the USA. What I saw would be classed by some as an Earth Hole.

The phenomena occurred on the night of 11-27-95. At that period my wife and I would often walk around the hills of our small mountain town during the evening. It was near 8 PM when we were ascending up a small gulch to the NE of our town. I happened to look up the east hill slope and saw a large black area. At that moment a light came on in the area: it was a large hole in the ground about 50 feet long and maybe 30 feet wide. It was slightly above us and about 170 feet away. There was for a short time the sound of a motor, like that of an air-compressor. The sound was a steady ‘puut puut puut puut’ like a one cylinder engine. The light illuminated the sides of the hole (actually it was very bright) and we saw the fresh surface of broken rock. As we continued to ascend the gulch I told my wife that it was probably the site of a new house being built. I figured that it was a hole for a basement. The light was bluish-white like that seen in the older mercury vapor lights. The motor sound only lasted a minute and once, the light went off only come on again. I assumed that the owner was in the hole doing work. Other than wondering how such a hole was dug into solid sandstone I gave no special thought to the event. I almost decided to walk over and look in but decided not to since the owner might not want me on his land. We ended up seeing the hole from several heights (both from below and slightly above) and several angles as we walked on towards home. Several months passed. On 3-10-96 it was a fine Spring morning and my wife and I decided to go up and see how the new house was coming along. As we topped the rise above the small gulch all that met our eyes was a smooth hillside covered with old weeds and grass with a few small stones. Nothing appeared to have been moved for decades! As a child I had read about such things, but that type of phenomena was one kind that I had refused to believe possible.

Thank you

Mark Buitron
Jan Buitron
{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}