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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, December 1, 1997 at 11:06:35
name: Mark Mowers
location: Ohio, NY USA
date: 11/29/97
time: 11pm

sighting: I saw what appeared to be a very bright star moving slowly acrost the sky. At first I thought it was an airplane. Then it suddenly stopped altogether. It then began moving really fastly while in place, like it was shaking. It was barely noticable. Then it stopped and darted real fast in a vertical line upward and stopped. It then started shaking again. Then proceded downward, left, then right. It was very hard to believe but to my knowledge, was like nothing I've ever seen. If this was some kind of military aircraft, then we've designed the machine of the century. The only thing I know that could move like this did is a hummingbird, with quick movement and the ability to stop suddenly. A machine of this ability would be superior. Like I said, it was very bright and appeared like a star. If you couldn't see the movement, that's what you would think it was. I watched it for 15 minutes or so before finally going to bed, wondering if what I saw was actually a UFO. The region I described is in the Adriondack mountains and the star like UFO appeared in the Northern sky. I'm not saying it's a UFO or it's not. I just can't see any kind of aircraft we have moving like this did.

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