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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
Below is the result of your feedback form.
It was submitted by martin.rautjä
on Friday, July 4, 1997 at 09:46:12
name: Martin Rautjärvi
location: Västerhaninge, Sweden.
date: April 19th, 1995
time: 21,54 - 22.00 pm

sighting: I am Finnish authorized optometrist born 1943, living alone in a 3-storey apartment building in a small community about 30 kms south of Stockholm, the Capital of Sweden.
This particular evening I came home rather late by the commuter train from Stockholm and was standing by the stove in my kitchen preparing a late supper. It was dark outside, no moonlight, and some thin misty clouds covering a part of the sky. Quite unexpectedly, looking out from my kitchen window facing eastwards, I discovered some bright lights up in the sky over the coastline approximately 5 kms away. I did not pay attention to it, because in that area we have got two major Swedish Naval bases with anti-submarline helicopter divisions, and we used to having those 25 meter Vertol helicopters flying around the neighbourhood. So, I just put my food at the kitchen table and went out to my living room to turn on my radio in order to have some nice music to dine with. However, something with those lights disturbed my mind, so I had another look at them through my living room window, just a couple of minutes after the first sighting. The object was considerably closer coming almost straight towards me at an altitude of estimated 1500-2000 meters. Although it was travelling with a good speed it was completely noiseless. Because it was still rather misty, I could not get a clear view of the enitire craft. But I could see a large dizzy white light with a row of yellowish light spots over it. The lights were moving simultaneously, so I got the impression that they belong to the same craft. I was, by then, quite convinced, that this was something unknown. So I turned off all electric lights ln the room, opened the window, and gazed up at the dark sky trying to see as much as possible. When the craft was almost right over me, it had to pass a cloudless part of the sky. Quite amazed I watched the front of the craft slowly glide over the edge of a cloud giving me a clear impression of it. Totally breathless of excitement and my brains feeling all empty I just gazed at the unbelivable and speaking for myself I repeated over and over again: "Oh God, it´s a UFO! During 8-10 extremely long seconds I could see the whole craft with it´s amazing illumination, with the lights reflecting at the surrounding clouds. Then it slide over the edge of the roof and went out of my sight. I ran downstairs (I live at the top floor), out on the street, and could see the craft slowly change direction, and in a few minutes it had disappeared in the night heading north.
DETAILS OF THE CRAFT AND OBSERVATION: The appearance of the craft was tremendously impressive. It was oblong in shape with somewhat pointed ends, resemb- ling a loaf of bread, a french "baguette". It had a long row of porthole-looking powerful yellowish lights, approximately 13-16 along the both sides. The illuminaton of the bottom of the craft was astonishing: it was emitting a very white and icy pale light which appeared to come from inside the body and covered almost 2/3 of the bottom and faded gradually leaving the rear end dark. There was a pattern of dark stripes across the bottom, moving constantly from the front and backwards like running waves on a beach, while the craft was moving. The whole bottom illumination was also flicke- ring rapidly. There were no visible wings nor any other protruding details, no lanterns nor visible signs of identification. The altitude was estimated to 1500-2000 meters and the speed appeared to be constantly about 100 to 130 kms per hour.
COMMENTS: When a local newspaper issued an article based on my observation, I got calls from people who had seen (pre- sumably) the same craft at two other spots in the southern Stockholm area, Tullinge and Bandhagen, within 40 minutes from my observation. Other kinds of UFO-activity was also reported in the same area this night: a family of 4 watched a group of brightly illuminated discs dancing around in the sky for 10 minutes, and an elderly couple saw a large glowing object hovering over the treetops at a distance of a few kilometers. Olther witnesses reported having seen huge cigar-shaped crafts at earlier occasions: 1965 in the same area south of Stockholm, 1976 in the central part of Finland and 1965 also over Montevideo in Uruguay.
My observation was investigated and recorded by UFO-Sverige, the national organisation of UFO-clubs.
I would be very grateful for any information about this particular type of huge alien craft I saw (80-100 meters long). If you have got any information, please, you are most welcome to contact me by e-mail or at my snailmail address:
Mr. Martin Rautjärvi, Ringvägen 28, S-13734 Västerhaninge, Sweden.
Thank you.

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