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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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It was submitted by martin.rautjä
on Monday, July 7, 1997 at 04:49:23
name: Martin Rautjärvi
location: 40 kms north of Pori, Finland
date: July 16th, 1974
time: 14,30 pm

sighting: SONIC BOOM CLOSE EXPERIENCE I am an authorized optometrist of Finnish natonality, born in 1943. At this particular occasion I was visiting Finland to see some relatives. One day I went by car together with my sister-in-law to see some of her relatives in a small community situated not far from Honkajoki, near the town of Pori. The house of the relatives was situated in the countryside in very beautiful surroundings. It was built on the slope of a pine-covered ridge with a narrow meadow just below the slope and some birch tree brushwood on the other side of the meadow. As our visit was just a social one, we were ready to leave about 14 o´clock in the afternoon. While I prepared my car for leaving, my sister-in-law had a final chat with her kinfolks. She´s good at that, so I had to wait longer than expected standing outside my car on the yard in front of the house. It was a very nice and calm summer afternoon and I was enjoyning myself, when the whole neighbourhood all by sudden was trembling from an enormus explosion. It was not like the sound of firearms or dynamite blasting, which I know very well, but more like a direct strike of a lightning of tremendous power. People came running frightened out from the house wondering, if an aeroplane had hit the ground or something sike that. Because I was standing outside at the very moment, I could locate the direction of the sound: it came from the meadow downhill. I went down there, it was just a distance of 50 meters or so, in order to find the place where the presumed lightning had hit. I found no visible tracks in the ground or the trees nearby, but there was a clear cloud of bluish smoke slowly fading away in the wind about 4-5 meters right over the centre of the meadow, which wasn´t more than 30 meters across or so. We never got an explanation to this event. It must have been a tremendous release of energy, because it made the ground under my feet tremble and the shock wave in the air felt like it went right through my body. I have seen phenomena like this been described in the UFO-litterature by the name of "sonic booms", but as far as I have been able to find out, nobody has yet been able to determine their origin.

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