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Subject: U.F.O.
Date: Sun, 13 May 2001 18:23:20 -0500 (CDT)
From: Mary


Year 1964

comming from a side road Rt.49 ,going east observing a
clearly visible stationary object in the sky.the shape was round like a
dinner plate.rotating lights on the bottom at a alternation speed, were
red ,biue,and green. it also showed a beam of light turned, in a down
ward position, approximately 25 feet around and a 100- -150 feet away.
it stayed over the river not far from the high way. side by side for
eight miles with us.
when we pulled into the drive way ,it stayed a couple of minuets,noting
rotating lights were 12 inches each moving at a rapid speed. it moved
over the hill slow at ease ..beam,light was off, think that it, was
used as a measurable distance. it was dark and we could not see the
top.we had no fear to a curious amozing site. absolutely an u.f.o.


my family and i were sleeping . a loud noise brought me awake i never
heard any thing like this sounded like someone twirling a rope
fast .the same sound louder, was slowing down as a motor would if you
let off the gas pedal to slow down. the next day i told my sister-in
-law that an u. f. o. went over the house, she said we saw it land and
went to the landing spot .the grass was burned she didn,t say how much
or how big.


I was driving on Rt.414 woodhull New York.when i noticed a large
looking blimp high in the sky,with several small objects under it. i
thought a mother ship.

these areas are on the New York==Pennsylvania border.

fall of1994

Bob Ladd residence. it was day light
i saw saw something similar to a blimp , it was going down in a slanted
way;looking like a landing direction. no markings or it went
over a hill. a few nights later i saw three stars from my
bed room.they were in a straight line.,top to bottom.almost blending in
with the stars , except they were not in the right position.
the bottom one was blinking a s.o.s. or morse code of that sort.neither
do i understand. my thoughts were ,i know who you are,and
i'm going to bed. i also realize if i could see them from my bed they
could see me. so i covered up my eyes a nd went to sleep.they were their
for four or five nights.i ignored them.i could not confer with their
messages. i was relieved when the sky was clear .,no longer invaded.
sense that time i have watched the sky for brighter stars have seen them
wandered if they were ufo , the star goes out they have telepathy.


looking back i know i
was ignorant in not having the understanding to communicate
as i would have liked to. i believe they are hear to watch the
earth,not to harm it.they watch people they check what we eat. look what
else they find ,bombs,missils,people ready to shoot on sight. they could
be another china deal if they get under fire, our goverment would love
to have one to analyze,but at the same they are in denial. the little
green men could be robots. they would be safer.are we , safe in our
world are they ?


UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World