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Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 01:47:44 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report

DATE-Sighting : 7-18-98
TIME-Sighting : 04:00 UT

This is your Submitted Sighting Report : Large dark triangle craft spotted.
On 7-18-98 at about 10:02 PM Mountain Time (04:02 Universal Time) as my family
and I drove west away from the Wal-Mart store in Longmont Colorado we spotted a
craft flying from the southwest of our area and moving northward across our
field of view. It was moving slowing and in a slightly jerky manner and this
caught my attention. It seemed to have a great many red pulsating lights with
some white lights in the central area. At the time I wondered if it were a
helicopter. It descended toward the Longmont Airport, but it did not follow the
usual flight path and was actually going down toward the farm fields just south
of the airport. We lost sight of it behind trees as we drove and I forgot
about it. About 5 minutes later (about 10:07 PM) we were driving north toward
the west end of the airport when we spotted a craft that looked like the first
one. We assumed it was the same one. The craft looked like a very large plane
ascending from the west end of the airport. It was mo
ving slowly and was large enough that as it crossed the road ahead of us the
lights on the front passed over the farm fence west of the road as the rear
lights were still well toward the east of the road. The length appeared to be
50 to 60 feet. As we drove up toward this seen we assumed that this was merely
a very large plane. The airport normally handles small twin engine and single
engine aircraft. Thus, we eyed the craft as it slowly flew over the road about
50 feet above the ground. I commented that it was lit funny because it seemed to
be box shaped in that the rear had at least two red lights one above the other,
and the front of the craft had two or more red lights in a vertical column. In
the middle area were other red lights and some white. All four of the four
people in the car continued to stare at the craft on the West side of the
Airport as the car was greatly slowed. The craft ascended slowly toward the
west to about 120 feet above the ground and about 1300 fee
t west of the road. Then it appeared to stop!
and hover. At no time did the lights change direction and the craft at no time
banked or turned around. Because the lights did not change their orientation we
continued to assume that the craft was still going west even though the craft
was now growing larger. Suddenly we realized it was headed back towards us, it
having never executed a turn, and it was ascending as it moved back toward the
airport in a slight northeast direction. It came very near the rear of our car
(from 160 to 200 feet). No airplane motor noise was heard - at other times we
have heard the engines of smaller craft passing over the road. It passed over
the road at about 170 feet above the ground. As it neared the road three people
in the car saw that the craft was shaped like a triangle with three equal sides.
The leading point was facing the northeast in the direction of its movement.
Many new lights were seen on its bottom hull. Along each of the two side angles
there ran long tube like lights, like n
eon tubes, that were a yellowish-white. These tubes curved inward near the west
end of the craft and came to sharp points. Just east of each was a large round
red light and toward the west two more red lights. Near the apex of the
triangle, the east tip, was a large round recessed hole in which was a bright
light-blue light. While the red lights had been pulsating earlier as the craft
was moving west, now all the lights were continually on with no blinking or
pulsation. The lights provided enough illumination to allow the viewers to see
that the craft had a dark triangle hull. We quickly tried to pull over onto
another side road to we could get out. We saw the craft move silently toward
the middle section of the airport area, just north of the runway at about 350
feet above the ground. Then the craft changed course and moved northward until
it was hidden by trees near us. We drove to another location where we could see
the surrounding area but the craft was no where in sight.
AT this point it was about 10:12 PM Mountai!
n Time.

It appears that as the craft lifted off from the airport grounds toward the west
it was moving with the flat side of the triangle toward the direction of its
movement. It then stopped and hovered a moment as it lifted the east tip of the
triangle and reversed course in a slight climb back over the airport grounds.


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