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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Saturday, September 6, 1997 at 19:20:08
name: Megan
location: Rosemead/CA/USA
date: 1972
time: 7:00 pm

sighting: My date and I were in a convertible with the top open, heading north on Rosemead Blvd. on a clear summer night. We stopped at a red light and for some reason I looked up. I saw a huge, generally round (perhaps triangular) object approximately 500+ feet directly above us. The bottom (the portion clearly visible to us) was covered with many lights (white and red, as I recall). As I sat there with my mouth gaping open, the object suddenly took off north, disappearing over the mountains which were approx. 30 miles away. It was gone in a split second and completely silent. My date then said, "What the hell was that?" We were both in complete disbelief! The object was completely silent. Neither of us ever reported this sighting, but the next day there was a small article in the newspaper. Obviously, others had seen it. Oddly, about 25 years later, I granddaughter saw a similar object in the mountains when she was at camp.

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