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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Friday, November 7, 1997 at 15:21:03
name: Melanie
location: Evansville, Indiana ( southern )
date: summer 1978
time: 1:00 a.m.

sighting: My 3 friends and myself had just gotten off work after putting up a shipment of tropical fish that had arrived late. Being wound up, we decided to go for a ride in the country not far from my home and work. Having crested a small hill, and reaching a stop sign, I proceeded over the crest and saw some strange lights over a cornfield to my left. An object, about 500 yards away, and at tree top level, or slightly lower, was hovering over a drainage ditch that ran through the field. I stopped the car to look, and will never forget what I saw. At first, we thought it was a helicopter.( windows were down, no sound.) A blue white search light emanated from the bottom of the craft, shining back and forth along the ditch, as if scanning for something. It was saucer shaped, with a dome top, with lights of red, green, amber, and white, ( maybe blue too ) flashing around the edges and top. Mesmerized, we continued to watch as the search light went off, and the craft slowly moved from left, to right across the road in front of us. ( guess it saw us) At that point, it stopped completely for about 10 seconds, and then took off incredibly fast, leaving a tracer,( like swinging a sparkler ) and disappeared into a clear, starry night. No, we were not on drugs, and I have never seen anything move like that. The whole sighting lasted for about 3 minutes. It is the only time I have had the hair on my head stand up! I turned the car around in the middle of the road, and got out of there. (too close for comfort, fear of the unknown ) The car never stalled, or acted up in any way. No missing time that I know of. No military bases of any kind in that area. What I would like to know is, what was it searching for?

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}