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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Saturday, May 10, 1997 at 06:59:46
name: Michael Levine, PE
location: Santa Fe / La Tierra, NM
date: 1987
time: 2 am

sighting: I was awakened by a brilliant white light directed into my bedroom window from the outside. The moment I awoke I focussed on the light and was surprised to see such a large projection area of light and its brilliance. The light trajectory was downward and almost horizontal filling the entire window area (3x4 feet)and 10 to 12 feet above the ground. I also noticed it was quiet. I then realized my German Shepherd Dog was not alarmed and he was looking at the light too. At the moment I turned my attention towards him he turned and looked at me with a very calm composure ...this complacency disturbed me. At that very moment of thought I started to hear a low pitch pulsating a muffled helicopter. The source of light rotated away from left to right and then departed across the property without any increase in noise, but with a dimenishment in the low pitch sound as it traveled away. I got out of bed with a loss of complacency and started to become anxious. I looked at my dog and he was not behaving normally and was exhibiting a sense of anxiety as well; he was heeling very closely to my side and showed no signs of agression. This bothered me even more so. I went to the window and saw the object traveling into the Pinon and Cedar thicket flanking the arroyo that paralleled the property approximately 75 yards away. There were small dim lights in view as it traveled behind the thicket in line with the arroyo. The muffeled sound increased momentarily as the object turned to follow the arroyo. The object then proceeded behind the hills. I realised that it coundn't be a helicopter due to the fact that that arroyo was densely covered with overhanging branches of the trees.Immediately following that thought I began to visually peruse the landscape around the property while, simultaneously, my dog did the same as he stood upon his hind legs to peer out the window at my side. Suddenly panic struck my emotions and I felt the sensation that I was being watched from just below the window. I looked quickly and reluctantly, with panic setting in, below the window and saw only the ground below. But, an incredible and uncomfortably unusual reflex action came from me, I commanded my dog to get down off the window ledge and sit...he hesitated and kept peering around the property as if he saw something. I then closed the drapes and moved to the side of the window in fear and put my back to the wall and was motionless and intentionaly breathing quietly in order to listen. I heard nothing, so I decided to look through the crack between the curtain and the wall through the window to catch a glimpse of any presense or activity while being hidden. Amazingly I was very frightened to do so. My mind and/or instincts paralyzed me...or so I thought at the moment. I must of stood still with my back to the wall for over 3 minutes. After which I was very calm and sarting to feel drowsy. So, I proceeded to lie down on the bed and crawl back under the covers. My dog layed himself down at the end of the bed and curled up to go to sleep. Guess what? That sense of complacency disturbed once again. So, I got up and out of bed wearing only my underwear(during February) and put on my field boots, grabbed my 20 gage shotgun and a few shells, leashed my dog and went outside to "track'em down". Approximately 50 yards from the house I felt that sense of being watched again, and I sensed it was from behind the house. I turned quickly around and looked and saw no movements, so I turned back and proceeded to go towards the end of the arroyo. As my dog and I approached the arroyo I grew anxious again and put the dog back on his leash and sensed that I might be making a mistake taking the shotgun with me. So I retreated to the front porch and realized that whatever was watching me from behind the house was gone. Relieved by the relief I went inside and put the gun away. I returned to the front porch with my dog and listened and watched for about 15 minutes. Nothing. I began to feel foolish and giddy. So laughing it off my dog and I went back to bed. As I ruminated on what happened, before falling asleep, I realised that my emotional responses and my dogs reactions were possibly and disturbingly not natural in the sense that they may have been stimulated by telepathy. Oh-oh!... I was starting to rationalize my fears and my lack of confidence and courage. But, the entire episode presented reoccurring phases of anxiety,complacency, fear, and panic. That isn't how I know my adult self; it's an emotional state vaguely memorable from my childhood. As I lie there I kept pondering why I had such intense emotional responses at such a level of sub-consciousness? Then I fell asleep with my dog at the foot of my bed.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}