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Date: Tue, 09 Dec 1997 00:30:35 -0500
Subject: UFO sighting in Miami Fla.

As a young boy growing up in Miami Fl. in the 1960's I had an unusual sighting. Where we lived in southwest Miami was under the flight path for aircraft landing at Miami International Airport. I can't remember the year exactly it either 66,67,68,or 69 while helping my father jump-start a friend's veh. a jetliner flew overhead on approach to the airport as always I looked up to see what kind of aircraft it was I saw four bright orange disc flying in a diamond formation directly behind a 727, I alerted my father who in turn told me to go next door and get our neighbor who was a retired air force officer by the name of Ralph Weller. He along with his wife and other people from the neighbor saw this none reported it that we knew of. the disc followed the aircraft until it turned onto it's final approach. when the aircraft turned they just kept going straight until they disappeared from sight. a couple of days later we saw an article in the Miami Hearld where someone did report the sighting and the air force said that they were meteors from a meteor shower or something like that. I didn't buy that since it was approximately 4:00-6:30 in the evening and there was more than one flying in formation behind a commercial aircraft. They were bright orange, like a florescent orange, made no noise that we could hear and omitted no smoke such as from a jet engine. If you have heard of this sighting I would like to hear from you, my wife thinks I'm crazy.

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