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Subject: Submitted UFO Sighting Report
LOCATION : minden, Louisiana
DATE-Sighting : 1962
TIME-Sighting : 3 P.M.
This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
It has been 36 years.  I am now a 50 year-old 
professional, who has been carrying this item 
around for decades.  I told a friend about it 
in 1966...he remembers the story.
    Here goes:  It was a sunny afternoon as I 
was returning home, driving up a long hill to 
my house.  Suddenly from out of the north came 
an object traveling so fast I could  not 
discern what it was.  I was driving up a street 
lined with houses.  I quickly took a turn left 
(north) and went to the top of the hill and 
there it was, a brownish red oval structure 
hovering above a house about 40 feet above the 
house.  It had been there I guess 30 seconds 
or so.  What I then saw was three cars parked 
on the street below the saucer.  
There were 3 people who got into the cars and 
quickly drove off.  About 10 seconds later the 
saucer INSTANTLY disappeared into the horizon, 
without a sound. I mean it went from being 75 
yards in front of me to outof sight!  In less 
than a second.  NO sound.
    Did the people get out of the saucer and 
into the cars? I don't know if those who got 
into the cars were from the saucer or not, 
but they drove off in regular looking autos.
     The saucer was almost as big as the house 
and appeared to have windows around the craft. 
 I have told only 6-7 people about this in the 
past 35 years.  Why I did not do anything 
about it at the time I do not know, except 
that it reminds me of the two women who saw 
something similar and they did not remember 
it until weeks/months later.  
              It did happen.

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