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Subject: date: mid 80's  
location: Chilliwack B.C. Canada

I was just reading the sightings pages when 
some one sent in a sighting with a description 
of something I had seen once with a friend of 
mine .
It was late ...close to or just after 11:30 pm.....
My little girl was sleeping in her room......we 
had a picture window in our living room...
We just happened to both be by the window and we 
saw a light go across the was very high 
up and all we saw was a dot of light....we knew 
it wasnt an airplane because of the speed and 
the manner in wich it was would 
move straight up...or down and then zoom over
to another location with incredible speed....
suddenly after about 10 minutes of it moving up, 
down , and went in a south eastern
direction....stopped dead....and dropped what we 
thought was a light....the light went straight 
down looked as if this light landed on top
of mount Cheam ...We of course didnt tell anyone 
that we saw this ....but each time there is 
talk of ufo sightings .....we look at each other 
and find comfort in the fact that we both know 
these sightings are true...Thanks for having 
this web page

UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World