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LOCATION : Motueka nelson new zealand
DATE     : Mar 29, 1998
TIME     : 

This is your Submitted Sighting Report : 
well I will have to get my mate to help me on 
this one because he saw most of it but when 
they cane close it looked like the one below 
(it took me ages to find the pic that looked 
the same) I think they come everynight so if 
your ever in town have a look  out to your 
west i think you should see them (by the way 
most of these event described in my post 
happened over about 3-4 nights 4 4 weeks) they 
seem to like to go up down & allover the place
but the night we went out side in our sleeping 
bags under the stars wasn't our best night but 
it was our best night because thats when we 
shone the powerful flashlight it because we 
went short short short long long about 3 times 
right at it and on the 3 time it went short 
short long  if my memory is correct so then it 
started to come towards us really FAST so we 
all ran as fast as we could to the house i don't 
know what happened after that but we didn't watch 
them for the rest of that night (this all occured 
about 12.30pm) when we first saw them the looked 
like meteorites but flying in every angel possible
so we watched them for a while then they started 
to make big red white green streaks in the sky 
so we watched that & then they seemed to ged up 
into groups of 4 3 & 5 sometimes 6 or 7 and 
flew straight up into the sky my some times they 
would go overhead and my friend noticed the window 
vibrate some of the ufos were different shapes 
i'll show you a pic if i find one that looks 
simmuler. then i noticed one about half a km away 
just hovering there as if it knew we were looking 
at them. at the time i first noticed them i was 
sitting in my computer room with the light off 
looking outside & talking to my friend adam k. 
about ufo's and the abucductions etc & i just 
remembered before we saw them i saw a light outside 
shining on the ground 
michael silverwood

Michael, if you read this report. Then please
beg, borrow or steal a scanner and please send a 
photo to this site. We will post it!
Thank you,

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