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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Sunday, April 5, 1998 at 05:30:12

location: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
date: March 1994
time: 11:00  p.m.
sighting:      I was looking at the stars out 
in the suburbs , away from the city lights, 
with a friend of mine who had dinner with me 
that night. It was a clear night, cold with 
very little cloud cover if any, and we were 
talking about the different patterns the stars 
have and how the seem to give off different 
light at different times.  All of a sudden , 
we heard a deep rumbling noise, like a low 
pitch engine that had a muffler on it, This 
noise was coming from up in the sky, estimated 
at three to five hundred feet up, and we could 
see a craft, with only on white light and a 
silver patern surrounding that white light. It 
was not very large and it seemed to be going 
very slowly across the sky, assuming it was an 
airplane of some type, my friend and I just kept 
looking at it and as it flew very close , above 
us, it just disappeared! We both turned to each 
other and said "Did you see that?"  Then we went 
in and told our family and other friends and they 
just laughed and joked about it. Nothing was said 
again that night about it, but my friend and I 
still mention it to this day.
Paul R.
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