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Date: Sat, 25 Sep 1999 22:44:00 +0100 (BST)
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)

Name: Jacky
Location: Arlington, WA
Date_of_Sighting: Jan. 22, 1996
Time_of_Sighting: 7:00-8:00 P.M.
Hello. My name is Jacky. For the past few years I have been
interested in extraterrestrial life, government conspiracies, and other
things of the unknown. I do know this, however, on the night of
Jan. 22, 1996, my son was abducted, and not by a person or thing of
this planet. My story goes as follows:

It was around 7 or 8 at night and my seven month-old child, Joshua,
fell asleep in my arms while I was in the middle of watching TV My
husband had left for work about an hour earlier. I proceeded upstairs
to put Joshua in his crib. After placing him in his crib, I went back
downstairs. While watching TV, I saw many strange blue light flashes
from outside. I just guessed it was lightening and thought of it as
nothing. Not too long after I saw the lights, I heard strange noises
on the baby monitor. I also heard creaking in the ceiling as if someone
was upstairs. The noises on the monitor are hard to describe. It was
coughing or choking-like sounds. These bizarre noises sent chills up
my spine. I rushed upstairs to see Joshua his crib empty and the
window broken and glass shards every where, though I heard no sound of
glass shattering on the monitor. I then heard a very loud thunderous
sound that lasted about ten seconds, followed by many light flashes.

A month later I was tried for the murder of my son and pleaded innocent.
There is still an investigation going on, but I know no new evidence
will ever show up.

Arlington, WA.

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