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sighting over windhoek, namibia
Wednesday, 13-Jan-99 10:54:45

Message: writes:

on sunday 10 january, between 10 and 10.15pm, i saw a
triangular (equilateral) object flying overhead. It was
darker than the sky (no moon),had on the underside and
all along the edges dim red/orange lights that looked
rather like 'blobs' of lights. It was totally silent.
I can't estimate its size, but at arm's lenght it was
about 7cm. I would say it was not below 1000ft up.
it was not moving very fast and went ina northerly
direction. Was it a UFO? I have always wanted to see
one, and this one was definitely not some hallucination.
I was at the time wtching some star (astronomy is my hobby)
and this was totally unexpected!


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