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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, November 24, 1997 at 10:44:22
name: Nathan Curtner
location: Albuquerque,NM Lynnewood park
date: 12-22-96
time: 12:00 PM

sighting: A grey metallic boomerang passed almost directly overhead, and had a strange motion that you can view with a graphing calculator. In parametric mode, let x=4cost+5cos(3t) and y=sin(3t)+t. The only difference is that the boomerang was not apparently moving up or down, but otherwise was identical to the graph. I tried following it on my bicycle, but I just couldn't keep up. It was only by chance that I saw it, I had been looking at a high flying passenger jet and saw this glint that was moving very slowly. It also made a turn during its 'flight', shortly after which I lost view of it completely. Since then, I have contacted two Sandia Labs scientists, one retired. The retired man has seen military operated UFOs before, and confirms their existence. The other scientist told me that I was most likely seeing the sewage jettisoned from a passenger jet. Whatever!! One last thing, it was incredibly difficult to see due to its small size (due to altitude, physical size?), and I doubt any other sightings would exist. Naturally, no sound was existent.

Comment from Webmaster:
Most of this sighting report sounds genuine, but that gobbledegook about a graphing calculator-come on!

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