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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Monday, November 10, 1997 at 19:07:37
Name: anonymous
Location: navajo lake / Aztec N.M.
Date: ??
Time: ??

Sighting: I have never seen an actual UFO - but i have seen what others claim are a UFO landing sight near Aztec N.M. and Navajo Lake. My uncle took me and my brother to see it after a day of water skiing last summer (1997). A few miles off the main road between Aztec and the lake, back in an oil field, and in a small canyon, I saw two circles on the ground. One was slightly larger than the other. At best estimate, they were a couple hundred feet in diameter. Their borders were distinguished by the growth of weeds and shrub. The cirlcles themselves were obviously caused by some kind of heat source because the ground was black, the sand was full of ash, and there were burned tree stumps there. An arroyo ran through the edge of the larger circle and the terrain was not perfectly even which led me to the conclusion that something hovered over the ground. I suppose that a fire could have caused these circles, but i tell you the circles were perfectly formed. Plus my uncle said the first time he saw the cirlces was sometime in the 1960's which would be plently of time for an area to regrow after a brush fire. I do not know how the circles were formed but they are unlike any kind of fire I have ever seen. I did a little research and found a story about a flying saucer that supposedly landed near Aztec around the time of the Rowell incedent, but i have no way of knowing if it is related to what i have seen. the reason I posted this is because most "sightings" are hearsay with no physical evidence. But what i saw exists, you can go there and see it if you want to. to get there head north on the road out of Aztec towards Navajo Lake, when you get to a point where the paved road crosses a large sandy wash turn left. Follow the long dirt road over the top of a hill ( i think there was a cattle guard on top of the hill) and down into a small valley. There are several oil wells visible there, and some roads turning to the right (north). I think you take the first right turn. As you follow this road there will be some more right turns, the first one leads to a well site, there is another one which leads into a small canyon and a road leads up the canyon wall, but the circles are farther down in another canyon (on the 3rd or 4th right turn) which dead ends. They are on the left side of the road. I recomend a 4 wheel drive, all though me and my brother made it in a Ford Escort. Happy Hunting.

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