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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Friday, March 27, 1998 at 06:34:41

location: nevada

date: 06/91

time: 2oopm

sighting: Lets just say this , i caught a flight
from the military, from the Air Force, I was in
the Army at the time, not knowing where we had to
stop first, the flight was on its way to cali,
but we made one stop, i will never forget. When we
landed, I just thought well were picking up
something, the co pilot said we will be here for
about 30 min to pick up a apache chopper. ok ,he
says stay in the plane, i said ok.
next thing Im looking at my window i see these
bay doors open on the side of a mountain, a object
came out round silver, took off like nothing ive
ever seen before. thats all i saw and i ask the
co-pilot what was that thing that came out of the
mountain? he says i dont know, but i would forget
what you have seen. i was shock. so we landed in
california my brother pick me up and i told what blew his mine away,he said u were at area 51 it
was a weird experience.
thank you jacemann

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