Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Sunday, October 5, 1997 at 12:40:07
name: jason nevill
location: fazely junction, nr.coventry, uk
date: 30/09/97
time: 01.42 am

sighting: myself and a friend were moored on our canal boat at fazely junction nr coventry and were sitting on the prow of the boat looking at the stars, the night was extremely clear, there were no clouds. I saw what i thought was a shooting star, but after having pointed it out to my friend we noticed there was no tail, and that there was another moving at identical speed in the same direction and parallel to it. They both had the same colour as a shooting star, a sort of pink-red, but they accelerated and stopped in perfect symetry, even moving back on themselves with no visible loss of speed. Then they moved around each other in a sort of slow ballet, keeping the proper distances at all times. They could not have been aircraft or satellites. They were too high for anything else. The sighting lasted approx 15 seconds and then both lights vanished gradually whilst maintaining position, giving the impression of moving away from earth at high speed. Both me and my friend were stunned by the sighting - he is a real sceptic - and we have struggled to find an alternative explanation, but we cannot.

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