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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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location: Old road in Nfld.
date: December,18/97
time: 1:07 AM

sighting: Me and a friend were out camping and we
could get to sleep because it was strangly cold
for the summer.So we decided to to light a fire
at,according to my journal,1:00. we couldn't get
the fire started it was then 1:05.Exsacly 2 minutes
later a light lit the sky above the cloud's. It
suddenly became warmer like down in Mexico warm. We
heard a strang noise from the clouds. It was like a
choris of angles humming the song of light. So
beutiful can still hear it in my head. We
masmerized. Then the light became brighter and
changed colors. The color it was before was green it
turnt purple. A light purple according to my journal
and friend. I felt the heat arround us increase the
beutiful song grew louder. I felt joy and smiled.
Then i blacked out. I only have a few drems now
which i can't remember in the morning.
Me and friend took a vow of silence but couldn't hold
it any more. So i told i told all you people. I can't
tell you any more.

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