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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Friday, March 28, 1997 at 04:30:03
name: Noel
location: Highway north of Lake George NSW
date: mid 1992
time: 2am

sighting: As much as I have always been interested in UFOs I regret I have only one clearly baffling case, and I was the only witness. I told many people about it straight away, but since I have never officially reported it, I don't know the exact date.

Driving home from Canberra, past Lake George, I became aware of a steady bright light ahead. It was some kms away, very bright, immediately I knew it couldn't be a star etc, so an aircraft light was my first and only theory.

( please remove any identification other than my email address and "noel" , if you post this ) As I neared, it seemed to get higher in the sky (because of perspective) which allowed me to guess that it was maybe 200 feet in the sky. Already suspicious that a helicopter should be in that area, and at 2am, I also noted that the light was still absolutely motionless, and that it looked perfectly round. By the time I was directly underneath it, a good ten minutes had passed. I turned off the engine, stood in the cold air and marvelled that it was very bright, still, and no sound eminated from it or anything else for that matter. I waited for at least ten minutes for another car to come so that at least I could verify the sighting. Many trucks usually travel that main road at that time, but no one came.
Eventually I got too cold and left. In my rear vision mirror, I watched it all the way, until I could not see it for hills etc. I am still baffled by such a light, which looks round from every direction, appears once only in the middle of nowhere, and hovers at such a height as though its stuck to a huge invisible pole. I would not be surprised if someone else saw the light. thank you
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