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Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 16:38:29 +1000
From: Noel
To: jim S.
Subject: UFO news

The face on mars.
For people who might be ignorant about it, or who have been trying to understand it, I want to just give you some important facts and theories. It might help you to think about the face on Mars. It is relevant to UFOs because so many people make a connection between it and the mystery of UFOs.
1. The face on mars was photographed from a probe which flew around Mars during the late 1970's.

2. NASA officially denied that it is a face, saying it was a trick of light across a geological formation.

3. Many scientists couldn't deny it, and over the years it has grown into a movement involving not just the face, but lots of ancient sites on earth, the sphinx, crop circles, topography (the study of multidimensional shapes) history, and archaeology.

4. There is a fantastic video which tells all about this. It was made in 1992, and I have watched it at least 4 times, because it is "heavy." I warn you it takes concentration to absorb the details. I think it's called "Hoagland's Mars Connection." You should be able to rent it. It is mostly film of a press conference called with Richard and NASA.

5. As soon as I saw the face, I thought it was a hoax. When I found it was not a hoax, I immediately recognized it as probably the most important discovery of our time, not just a "trick of light." BUT YOU JUDGE FOR YOURSELF.

6. Computer enhancement developed in recent years has shown 'depth' from the original photo.(actually there were two photos) It clearly shows how the face is built up from the ground, it is a 'monument' of a face, a real 3D object, not a trick of light.

7. Around the face on Mars are various structures/pyramids. They are in good enough condition to still show advanced mathematics at work. The same formulae can be found in Avebury, Egypt, etc etc etc, all around the ancient sites. AND the SAME MATHEMATICAL PRECISION and FORMULAE are found in crop circles, which of course are forming NOW.

8. Since the first controversy over the face, NASA has had a tough time getting back to Mars. There seems to be reluctance to go back. Also, attempts to go back have been plagued by accidents. Not only that, but when NASA announced in 1992 that it was going to Mars, Hoagland and others petitioned NASA to take close photos of Cydonia (the face area) but, get this, they kept the photo list secret, and couldn't even guarantee that area would be photographed AT ALL! So if they don't even think it's a face, what are they hiding???

9. The theory goes something like this:-
*Mars had an atmosphere which was thicker and more suited to us than what is there now (poisonous).
*There is evidence of a very ancient civilization on Mars, which some people reject because their minds are not open.
*Sites on Earth, too, now seem much older than once thought. There is evidence of a space connection/migration/visitation between Earth and Mars.
*The truth has been obscured by history, since man keeps destroying himself through his inherant weaknesses. However, it seems very likely that man is such a bad keeper of the Earth BECAUSE -- HE'S NOT FROM THE EARTH. Did you ever think of that?
*The cave drawings and carvings of people in space ships are -- people in space ships. There are drawings of over technology too.


Why are UFOs seen around ancient sites, and crop cicles?
Are they ships, or something stranger?
If they are ships, who flies them?

I could go on and on, but this much may help you to investigate this complex matter further, and think about what role UFO's might play.


{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}