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Date: Wed, 30 Apr 1997 20:05:13
From: Noel
To: jim S.....
Subject: Secondhand sightings

Dear Jim,
Here I am back in the captain's chair, and as promised here is the first of the "secondhand sightings"- sightings from people I know.

Place: Near my town here (near Canberra Australia)
Time: Mid 70's

Someone wrote to the local paper that they had seen a "ball" in the sky which was floating in one spot, estimated to be 2 kms away up in the sky. The next day when the paper was sold, a man I know, who had a very large telescope, contacted the spotter to get directions. He still couldn't find the ball so they got together at the telescope, and my friend was surprised how anyone found it since it was just a tiny black spec to the naked eye. At maximum magnification it basically took up the whole eye piece. He described it as a perfect sphere, not moving at all, with a metallic finish. He said the sun light catching it was quite a sight. They tried to fit a camera to the telescope but it was unsuccessful, and eventually (next day) the sphere was no longer there.

This story was so interesting to me because the ball was motionless, as was the light in my sighting in '92. (see elsewhere this site) And of course both sightings were pretty close. The "ball" was seen 15 years or more before I moved to this area.

More later

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