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As promised Jim more about evidence of ancient visitations.

#1MAPS There is a series of maps which defies modern history.
At least some came from the orient, at least as old as the time of Christ.
Here's the main point: they show the world (the whole world) rounded like a globe, with America for example curving off to the left. The central point is Cairo Egypt.
Yes, the site of the pyramids. Several of the maps are like this, they show the world as seen from a geostationery orbit above Cairo.
Another puzzling thing, according to western history, Antarctica was only discovered as a continent in the 1800s, and only mapped in detail with satellites. Yet these old maps show Antarctica, not just the ice but the continent underneath, and as one would see from above Cairo as I said. Australia was settled by English in 1770. That's English history as taught to us, but the Australian Aborigines were here of course, 40,000 years they say. This week they announced controvercial rock paintings in North West Aust are older, being done by some unknown race, possibly Asian drifters coming to Australia, when it was closer to Indonesia etc. All this history is crap. We should look beyond the normal history.

#2 CAIRO Cairo was a key place for some reason, holding great central importance for the Atlantean civilisation of which Edgar Cayce, many psychics and of course ancient texts spoke. Did you know that the word "pyramid" has no known source in language. We just don't know. Also the word Cairo originally meant Mars. This was pointed out in relation to the Sphinx; half Lion half Man. And on Mars at Cydonia, same latitude as Cairo, there's a face which when mirrored on the right / left side, reveals either the face of a Lion, or the face of a man. See how it ties in.

#3 ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE Read factual information into ancient texts. They were not written just for amusement. Turn everything upside down so it's the right way up. (now I'll explain what I mean) We are presently in a dark age. But if you are keenly aware, you will see it in the way people around you think. Try to turn people's blind perceptions around. Don't follow the crowd. Here are a few examples of the upside down ways people think. We must address this to enter a new enlightened age.

*This planet, this country, even this city, and even this building is about all I know, this must be what life is like. This must be what civilisation is like. This is what civilisation comes to.

*I can't see it, so I don't have to think about it since it's not true.

*Ancient texts or even writing from last century is strange, they didn't know what we know now, and they said things funny, so I can't be bothered. Boy they sure had funny ideas.

*I can't understand it, so it makes no sense, so it's crap.

*4000, 5000, 10000 years ago they couldn't have had electricity, nuclear power, transport, flight, telephones, because we just invented them recently.


Now consider what I'm about to tell you and look at ancient texts with new eyes
. During WWII American forces occupied islands where the natives had lived in the stone age for 1000s of years. They watched the men with their planes, canned food, radios, guns. When the Americans left the natives reacted by building straw aeroplanes, like the ones they'd seen. They also cleared landing strips, and lined them with fires (like landing lights). This is very significant. If it happens in such a short space of time when relative technology meets relative barbarism, then its happened before on earth and the proof is all around us. I have wondered what the Nascar lines were all about, and other strips where there didn't seem to be a logical airport. But now it's clear! It's where the natives of old times witnessed alien visitors and then tried to emulate them, tried to lure the Gods back.

Of course to them such advanced people were Gods. Look at the modern example. The American forces didn't hunt but they always had food, they spoke to black things and the black things spoke back. They flew through the sky like birds. What else could they be but Gods? Ancient texts all over the world have records of visitations, but not in our language that's all. So read as they wrote; simply.

Here's a rough example from an ancient Indian poem with 80 000 verses. "Bema flew away in his vihamana, on a gigantic beam of light, which outshines the sun, and whose noise is like the thunder of a thunderstorm." That's a blastoff.

The bible and many texts from all over carry these references repeatedly. Angels are described as having metal legs. Why? Why would someone say that if it weren't true. Even philosophy of the time: If you read the "quotes" of Jesus, he uses things like wine skins to describe his wisdom. If we sent back a message using terms like "cool" and "TLC", and mobile phone, do you think he would understand? We should consider ourselves fortunate to have such clear and sincere written history covering technology which they clearly didn't understand.

The arc of the covenant was a gigantic condensor charged with many hundreds of volts. Information from the Bible was specific enough for college students to build a version of it in 1961. Their teacher destroyed it because the charge it emitted was too dangerous. The original arc used to allow God to speak through it from the covering plate. Does that sound like a radio/speaker to you.

#4 MEXICAN CONNECTION The ancient writings of mexico not only detailed the names of the Gods who visited them, but stated that they would come back, and the time is now. Their calendar was accurate, not equalled until we used all of our modern technology. They predicted all eclipses including the one at Mexico City on July 11 1991. This was the sixth sun, the new sun, the dawning of a new age of enlightenment, when man would wake up to a new era. And the suns of this era would be the ones to travel to the stars. Well to do that we'll have to gain control of new superior flight technology. Hmmmm, does that seem to be happening? Also, as the eclipse happened, hundreds of home videos, trained on the eclipse, captured UFOs in the sky, all around Mexico City. THEY KNEW THEY WERE SEEN. It's the prophecy, promise, whatever being fulfilled. This is real, and it's still happening. Two movies in particular have been made about these amazing pieces of footage. They're here, believe it.

#5 STONES clearly the old stone buildings were erected to last the test of time. I question the value of modern dating techniques. I question whether we'll ever know how old some of these things are. But we now know that the Sphinx is much older than the ridiculous 4000 years taught in schools. 10000 minimum they say I say 50000 and you might start getting into the ballpark. It goes back to a time when rain forest covered the area and rainfall was torrential, eroding the Sphinx in such a way.

The UFOs we now discuss we should call ships in this context. They were just part of the technology which was used by people who mastered stone cutting and moving as part of an environmentally friendly building code. There is a "pharoah's tomb?" which has complex pillars etc, and goes 300 feet into the earth with steps, and its all carved directly out of the stone. How? We couldn't do it now.

They talk about the marvelous achievement of the pyramids. 2.5 million blocks moved miles and fitted, average weight 2.5 tons. Yes that's marvellous. Now consider an obelisk that stands 85 feet high and weighs 1000 tons. Or a similar piece of solid red granite carved but not taken out of its pit. It weighs 1400 tons. We couldn't even lift it now. But wait! There is another which was carved and moved, but didn't get to its destination. It is a single piece weighing 2000 tons. They know where it was due to end up, a distance of 2 hours by car. How would they do it?

On Easter Island there have never been enough people on the island to even contemplate the task of carving the 600 statues on the island. Yet there they are, repeated chiselling hardly dents them, yet statue after statue looks like it was made in the same mould. Only one statue is different, with a round face and it is knealing. The legend (historical account) says that two priests made all of the statues, and the statues moved themselves, by means of a mysterious force known as Mana. This word interests me greatly. It's a bit like the viamahna (spelling unknown) from India. And also in the Bible- "Manna from heaven."

I have an original theory: This word Mana could have been spread around by the same visitors, it could be part of their language which they used in explaining or calming the natives when fantastic inexpicable events took place. Manna from heaven had to do with a pure food which appeared. And by the way, look at the modern UFO cases where weblike stuff fell from the sky.

What moves stone? I believe there is force which we have lost the control of. Under the right conditions, stone can be carved like butter, and moved as if it were made of feathers. the weight under these conditions would be of no consequence whatsoever until the blocks are placed. In our ignorance we say its impossible.

#6 THE CASE OF THE ALIEN FROM FLORIDA Watch the video clip of Billy Idol singing "Sweet 16" and you will see a photo of part of a castle built from stone by one man early this century in Florida. Briefly the story goes that a man from Latvia or Lithuania in Europe came to Florida when it was still developing. He was thought of as strange, and prodded the ground with a stick, looking for a particular type of ground. A real estate agent befriended him and would show him land blocks. One day he got excited, "This is the land I want." The agent said the land was so rocky and useless that he could have it for free. Soon this man had great boulders extracted from the ground and nobody knew how. When they tried to catch him he always knew they were looking. Even with binoculars, they only see him just after a rock was moved, or just before. He had no tools. He would have a rock of 1 ton just hanging from a flimsy tripod of three branches and a thin rope. he built a whole castle in this way, with a clever bath which was always at the right level. The front door weighed heaps and yet could be turned by a small child because of its delicate balance. People naturally turned on this man; there were rumours of a fortune he had hidden. He was bashed one night, and immediately decided to move to another area. He moved the whole castle. No cranes. He hired a single truck which could only carry so much. He made the driver wait for a moment around the corner while each stone was loaded by him personally, and unloaded to exactly the right position at the other site. The driver was of course perpetually astonished, but never was able to catch him out.

This mysterious man was loved by children, and loved them. At night he would tell them stories at the castle. Whenever they asked him why he did all these things, he would look up to the sky, smile and say "Some day my sweet 16 will come." (hence the song)

What is this all about? Was this man an alien? What secret did he have about the mastery of building in stone? Well I believe he used the same secrets as the ancients and wisely kept them to himself. I am open to the possibility that they have always been here, time is irrelevant.

Thank you for reading these things. It is June 1997. Things may be revealed shortly which will shed more light on these theories. It is more relevant than almost anything in our lives. This is about true history, and true history can teach us who we are.

Subject: AZTEC PROPHECY The ancient Aztec prophecy to which I referred in "Ancient Mysteries" is translated properly here:


Reading this carefully it is an amazing piece of text. Words were not taken lightly in previous generations, and especially when carved on stone for the future. The sixth sun, the new sun, began on 12 / 6 / 91 during the Mexican eclipse.

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}