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From: Noel
To: jim S.
Subject: I haven't finished raving yet
second hand sighting no. 3?
Jim, I began sending you 2nd hand sightings once before.
This is the next one.

My father was a timber cutter and sawmiller for many years, working in the Queensland bush. When I was small he told me about a day many years before, we're talking 1950-1955,when he was cutting timber deep in the bush (woods). He saw a dark coloured cigar shaped ship, quite large apparently, gliding along above the trees with no sound. Other workers he talked to through the years also had stories.

At the time the area was very unpopulated, although there's nothing to confirm that UFOs have ever flown out of their way to be where people aren't.

Significantly, he used the term "cigar-shaped", before I had heard it, and before it seemed to become a used reference for certain UFOs. And he has never been very interested in the subject either.

He also had another experience, where he walked into an opening in the forest, a natural clearing, and suddenly, rather than a forest, it was like a beautiful mystical garden. He had difficulty describing this, but he said all of the colours were much more vivid than normal, everything seemed to vibrate with life, and things looked sort of shiny and new. It's worth mentioning although lots of things could explain this effect.


Other news: Last week on ABC talk back radio a guest speaker (trained professional) talked about the pyramids. "Who built the pyramids?" was the introduction, but when she started, her angle was that the Egyptians as we normally identify them definitely built the pyramids. In other words she's either a debunker, or sees things a very conventional way. So I got on the phone, and since there's so much to say, I had to put a basic question to her, so I asked how long a pyramid took to build. She said, we think about 10-20 years. Now it's already established that you'd have to be putting each 2 1/2 tonne block in place with all its perfect joints, in just 5 mins, GET THAT, 5 mins. (We couldn't cut one per hour today.) Then, working around the clock with no holidays and no holdups for any reason, and a consistant supply of materials, which is all clearly impossible, it would still take 20 years to build the great pyramid's 2.5 million block form.(+ a few more years) Just on that one point, how can she, after studying them for years, come out with conventional "ramp" theory which she did. She also said they were pharoah's burial chambers. I think the interviewer was on my side.


Further to the above: BELIEF IS A CHOICE Two distinct schools of thought exist in so many things. I believe it's a sign that we are in a transition to some new thinking/being form or at least social upheaval.

If that's the case, we must have some people leading others to a new way of thinking. New ways of thinking don't usually come from those in power since having power over others is an old way of thinking. Our prime minister has just been to see your president. Isn't he an embarassment? He even tripped over at the whitehouse. We say he looks like an egg on a mission! He's resisting conforming to greenhouse emissions targets, but is that what the rest of us want? He never asks.

Anyway given a pencil and time you can create a convincing argument for or against UFOs or any other thing. The video evidence of recent times and massive numbers of credible witnesses should've squashed any resistance to the reality of UFOs. Yet has it? No. I even saw a resident of Roswell who didn't even know a thing about the crash until 2 years ago. So there is remarkable resistance, and if the aliens are there and they are slowly adjusting our thinking by their appearances, then we can see the wisdom in what they are doing. Which would mean they understand humans better than I do.

Because if it was me with the anti-gravity drive, I'd just land and wave the little green flag.



{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}