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Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 14:17:24
From: Noel
To: jim S.

Subject: Slealth / MIBs
Two new articles for you Jim


You will have seen the very public disintegration of an aircraft which was officially non-existent just a few years ago. After all the years of secret testing and military flights, the plane blows up at an air show in Maryland while thousands of people on the ground as well as cameras are watching. The pilot escapes unhurt . A cynical person might think that it was staged for some reason.

So are we expected to believe that this zenith of modern technology is so fragile? Moreover, are we expected to believe that it is the first crash ever of the craft?
Well these things are possible, anything is possible.

All bombers have been grounded, they say. Why? Unless they're building the things with an inherent fault.

What's the bottom line? Will this crash justify the release of the next wave of technology. One of the things which contributed to the early public admission of the existence of the stealth plane was a detailed model of it being released through the toy market. It has happened with several planes. This is real espionage. And what's the latest? A FLYING SAUCER no less, complete with detailed diagrams of how the propulsion system works. It's simply called "The Sport Model". How long before this kind of pressure causes the real thing to be unveiled?

Is the stealth crash a PR exercise before we see the saucer that "Will not crash?" The military's latest toy?


"Men in Black" is already the 12th largest box office taker, early in its release. And why? Critics agree, unless they're paid, that it's crap. However, the money rolls in thanks to a very slick marketing exercise. Someone put one hell of a lot of money in to make it sell. Now you could say that they just put in a lot to get a lot back and the buck stops there. But when a movie is successful it not only makes a lot of moolah but a lot of people see it as well, allowing the wealthy to get a message, any message, across to the public.

Well let's be paranoid a little longer. What's the message in Men In Black? Not much. The movie is aimed at 7 to 14 ages, according to a critic. That's a pretty basic script. The message is - many aliens are scum, humans are cool, even when they blast aliens. This message has been getting a lot attention don't you think? They said it in another movie with no story line - ID4. Also Mars Attacks! and how many others.

At the same time, we've got REALITY: What's been happening in reality? Possible Martian bacteria in the ice, the face on Mars, new missions, crop circles.....

The public being largely gullible "Follow the leader" types, what are they going to do when real contact occurs? And while we're being paranoid:- Who's paying for the propaganda and why?


{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}