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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Saturday, March 8, 1997 at 20:24:31
Name: norm
Location: road 40 west of Richmond, Indiana
Date: 1995
Time: 2pm

Sighting: My wife and I were driving back from Richmond, Indiana, going west on Road 40 and she mentioned that there was an airplane ahead of us. We were in the pickup, and I had to kind of bend down to see out the window up into the sky. I told her that it didn't look like an airplane to me, that I could not tell what it was. We were almost 1/2 mile away at the time. As we got closer, it was still to the left of the highway (south) and moving slowly over the road, heading down at about a 10 degree angle, soon to go over a large earthen bank with train tracks on top of it. I started to stop, but there was no place to turn off, and I thought I had better just go on. Now the interesting part, and I have never heard of this in ufo sightings. My wife and I both had different versions of what we saw. It passed over us at about 100 feet, real slow, and no noise. We both agree on that. Later, she said it was cigar shaped, but it looked long and rectangular to me, almost like a large long box kite with no strings or stuff like a kite would have. I still see it as a long rectangle, with the front end somewhat angled down from the rest of the craft. I saw no wings, no motors, no exhaust, no lights. It was interesting. Never reported it to anyone except to you on the net and another place on the net.
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