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Date: Mon, 5 Apr 1999 00:17:13 GMT
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Name: anonumous

Location: hamilton, ontario

Date: i cant remember

Time: around 9:45

Sighting: every summer me and my family have a little get 2 gether at my aunts
house. me and my cousin (lets call her ann) anyway me and ann went outside on
the deck to get a pop. it was ok outside so we dicided 2 stay outside and talk
4 a while. then we changed our discussion 2 the sky and whatever was beyond it.
and we sat their staring at it. then she whispered 2 me look. and right away u
could see it. since she lives in the country u can c all the stars . it was a
clear night and it was had a glowing light 2 it and was very slow
just sortof grazing over the corn field. at first we thought it was a plane.
ann went inside 2 get some binoculars when she came back u could c it more
clearly and didnt really need binoculars. it went out a little almost if it
knew we were watching it. then we nedded the binocculars. it looked like an
oval shapped thing with sortof a hump in the middle. we couldnt believe our
eyes. we were speechless. right when she opened her mouth 2 talk it flew in a
northeast direction. a few minutes late we saw a really bright light and that
was it. we went inside 2 talk about it (we were tired out being outside now)
and we walked about question like was that a gag, and what else could've it
been? although we both knew what it was we were avoiding the fact the it WAS a
ufo. but what else could it have been. another night when i was younger ann
was over at my house (we had grown up quite close) we kept on seeing light
flashing through my window and when we got up and look out the had stopped
and we saw something fly away so fast it was amazing. and the weird thing was
it looked the exact same like before and was very very close.
since we werent asleep at all b/c of the lights we saw that it almost had
like windowy forms on the front and we could tell like the lights were coming
excatly in our direction. and we both knew. if u have


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