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Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 10:33:53 GMT
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)

Name: Overton Loyd
Location: Downtown Los Angeles
Date_of_Sighting: 10/24/99
Time_of_Sighting: 5:30
I had just purchased a HI8mm tape for my Sony digital camcorder
(which I left in my car). While walking back to my car, on
Broadway, near 3rd street I saw a couple of guys pointing
skyward. "What are you looking at, a UFOs?" I ask glibly.
"Yeah", they exclaimed, and pointed to a cluster of several of
them in the sky. (To be honest, I don't remember how many, at
least 3, maybe 6). As soon as I saw there were a lot, I ran 2
blocks to my car to retrieve my camcorder. By the time I
returned, the cluster had disapeared, but there were a few solo
objects left. One could barely see them. They looked like tiny
pin points in the clear sky. Like they were incredibly far away
(maybe near the stratosphere) I saw one in the north standing
stationary, and got a glimps of it with the 360 zoom of my
camcorder. It was extremely dificult to capture, because the
tiny dots didn't show up at all on the viewfinder.
Towards the east there was an object traveling south, that ended
up hidden behind some clouds. With the help of people pointing
it out to me, I saw another stationary one, next to a small
cloud. I got a good shot of this on the camcorder. It just
looked like a metalic sphere reflecting the setting sun. As I
zoomed in the object went out of focus, and became digitally
Before they all vanished, a bunch of balloons mysteriously
appeared in the exact location we were looking, only they were
no more than 500 ft. in the air, and obviously controlled by
the wind.
It was almost as if someone released them to compromise the
credibility of the actual sighting.
You can view these shots at:

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