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Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 05:30:03 +0100 (BST)
From: unknown@unknown (unknown)

Name: Paul M.
Location: Albuquerque, N.M.
Date_of_Sighting: 1974/1975
Time_of_Sighting: 10:00pm
Me and my cousins were playing outside and noticed a very bright
glowing rounded saucer flying very slowly in the sky. We ran inside
to tell our moms and grandmother but they were running outside
because the guy on the radio said there was a UFO over Albuquerque.
Well they locked the apartment and we took off after it and followed
it to the foothills of Sandia Mountain about where Candelaria or
Menaul ave. turned into a dirt road. We went up the road and could
see lights, soldiers , trucks and jeeps they were surounding the
thing. They had a spotlight searching the bushes and rocks that were
close to the object. Soldiers had their weapons pointed down casualy
towards the object. When we got to the dirt road that turned towards
the sight there was a state trooper blocking it with his patrol car
he told us to turn around and leave now he was edgy and sounded
stressed. We were driving parallel to the sight ,the road went east
west and the object was on a foothill that faces north and it was
on the very edge of the foothill were it just starts to incline
from the ground. The objects size in proportion to the men was about
15 feet tall and about 30 feet wide and was still glowing encredibly
bright. We were about and 1/8 of a mile from it when we turned
around. The next day we listned on the radio and watched t.v.
and even looked in the newspaper and there was nothing about the
object . And let me tell you it was no weather balloon . It was
silent from where we had seen it from the apartments but we were a
few blocks away. If anyone has seen this same event please email me

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