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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Sunday, June 29, 1997 at 02:10:52
name: Paul Hardman
location: Gisborn (New Zealand)
date: October 1967
time: 01:00

sighting: My sister and I were woken up @ about 1 in the morning by an intence bright light which came in through our bedroom window. Being at the age of only 5 and 6,we were unsure of what it was. As we looked out the window, we saw this enormous disk shapped object hovering about 200 - 300 meters above our house. It had lights blinking around the edges. It seemed that had been there for around 5 minutes or so before it disappeared at a staggering speed towards space. We informed our parents at breakfast in the morning you did not believe us at first until late in the afternoon. My father contacted some people I believe who where from the goverment as he work in communications for the British Royal Navy. My sister and I were question in seperate rooms for the best part of 2 hours and our drawings were compared with each others. Our parents where told that we had been making things up and so the whole thing was dropped. I believe very strongly that what we saw was a UFO that night, and I believe that the goverment covered up our story to the media the following day. Since then, in the past 30 years I have encounted sighting's 4 more times. I don't bother informing anyone of these any more as they tell me it must be space junk or whatever. I now live in Perth, Austarlia and have taken up night watching as a hobby.

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