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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Thursday, May 15, 1997 at 03:44:20
name: Penny Ling
location: Enstone, Oxfordshire ,UK
date: 94
time: 6.30pm

sighting: Driving on the back road from Enstone to Chipping Norton, the sky had high cloud, the stars were not visible but the moon could be seen through the cloud, I could see an aeroplane flying high, I glanced to my left and I noticed what seemed to be three bright stars. As we turned the corner, instead of the stars turning with us as they would, our position to them changed which meant they were within the earth's atmosphere. The lights got bigger and were changing colour from orange through to green, and getting closer to us. As we turned another corner, my husband saw the lights in his mirror and slowed down the car. One on the lights made a sharp turn of 90 degrees and sped off over the horizon, the other two lights got so low they disappeared behind the hedgerow. I have also seen a single light high above the prehistoric stone dolmen at Enstone too one morning. Whether these lights are earthlights and so a natural phenomena or UFO's I don't know but they were strange.

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