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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Sunday, October 12, 1997 at 01:57:26
name: pieter
location: netherlands
date: nov. 1976
time: morning (7.30-8.30)

sighting: One morning in november 1976 bright white lightbeams were shining through the windows of our room. In 1976 I was 13 years old and was living with my parents on a farm in the netherlands. I Thought hunters were using lights to catch small animals.

When I went outside (about 7.30 hours) my house with a bike, suddenly a strong light was shining on me. I could not move. I thought the light was only a few seconds on me, but one of the two boys (both were waiting for me on the street) asked were I stayed. It Is almost eight o'clock. (25 minutes later!). I said nothing because I was a little bit confused by that remark. When we bicycle to school strange things were happening. A white luminated round object was now and then flying only 20 feet (about 7 meters) above us. Sometimes it suddenly disappeared and suddenly it was back again. One moment a white lightbeam came out of one of the "lightbulbs" at the bottom of the object or whatever it may have been. With the lightbeam circles were drawn aroud us! The strange thing was I and I guess the two other boys also, were not afraid or "really" surprised. It looks like a trance. It looks like the object? was crontroling my (our?) feelings. Suddenly the object flew very fast in the sky, stand still for a short moment and then suddenly disappeared. Now, very interestingly, the two boys in front of me and I became enthousiast. I said nothing. One boy said it was a Russian invention and the other boy said it was a UFO. It sounds very strange but I have never talked with the two boys over that strange event. I am absolutely sure it was not a daydream! I thought (I am not sure about it) that a few days later the local newspaper wrote that some people saw a Ufo near St. Jansteen. I am not sure it was the same strange thing what I saw a few days earlier.

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