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  for; Tue, 22 Sep 1998 12:18:17 -0500 
  Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 13:03:19 -0500 
  From: Leida 
  Subject: UFO 
  To whom it may concern; 
  On Friday September 18th, 1998, on my way home at 
about 8:15pm, while On the   Meadowbrook Pkwy north, 
going onto the Grand Central Pkwy, my co-worker and I 
saw this bright light in the sky, going up and down 
so fast that we knew right   away this was not a 
plane. It had very bright lights flashing from it, 
they   were white, blue, green, red. the most 
prominent one was the white light. We   stared up in 
the sky in amazement, for we had never seen a "plane" 
move so   fast!!! My co-worker was saying it could 
have been the Concorde, but I reminded   her if it 
was indeed a plane, it would have been going on a 
steady path, and if   it was the concorde, we would 
have heard it. As we discussed this, we looked at 
  it again, it was further away, and it was at this 
point that we saw the shape of   it. It looked very 
much like the UFO pictures that have been recorded. 
We did   not mention this to any one else, because 
I guess people we know are very   skeptical. But if 
anyone saw this, I am sure it ! 
was whoever was flying a Blimpie in the area, for 
at the moment that we saw the   Blimpie was when all 
of a sudden the object disappeared..... 
  Very strange..... 

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