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(11:00)pops: Hey. Is the truth out there?
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Antek: hi
pops: hi
Antek: have you seen an ufo
pops: I was on another window I ...
pops: well yes I have
Antek: tell me aboutit
pops: I will, but have you seen one?
Antek: no
Antek: or, i am not sure
pops: On the New Mexico web site you can read my story
pops: My UFO was not flying
pops: It was absolutely still
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pops: I drove right under it.
Antek: give me the exact address
pops: I was just a light nothing spectacular
pops: What address
Antek: of the new mexico web site
Antek: hi bf
pops: OK hang on

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Antek: yepp,ok
pops: my sighting
pops: is on the top 100 list
pops: near the top I think
pops: It's called noel in Australia mid '92
pops: So what are you not sure about seeing?
Antek: well, one night, being in bed, dark outside, I saw something flying ...
Antek: just a lightspot
Antek: but it moved very irregulary
Antek: one time quick
Antek: one time slow
pops: what part of the world?
Antek: to fast for an helicopteror so
Antek: south of germany
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pops: Just white?
*** Icon has joined.
Antek: yep, just white
Antek: hi icon
pops: so was mine
Icon: HI all
pops: ICON join in
Icon: I ll just listen for a while...thanks
pops: If you go to the web site I showed you, Artek
pops: sorry Antek
pops: you will be able to report it anonymously
Antek: ok, wait a moment, i am scanning your article ...
pops: people all over the world see these things. And still people
pops: make out that it's strange or something.
pops: THey have been seen for thousands of years
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pops: There is evidence that one source of UFOs comes from..
pops: Germany
*** jimboo has joined.
Antek: from germany
Antek: ?
pops: Hi jimboo
Antek: hi jimboo
jimboo: hey finally got you
pops: Yes jimboo can you see the text previous
jimboo: hows it in Australia POPS
pops: Great to finally talk to you. YOU GOT MY EMAIL??
Antek: ok then, i will go to bed now ...
jimboo: I see some of it
pops: Antek stay
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pops: Antek Jimboo is the admin of the New Mexico site. TALK
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Antek: ah, i see
pops: Yes jimboo I replied to it
Antek: jimboo: just read my first article from your site
pops: Antek if it's late in Germany, come back later and report your sighting
jimboo: Antek what first article?
Antek: I will take some time tomorrow and will leave a short summary on jimboos site
jimboo: You can make it as long as you want I enjoy details.
pops: Antek came to this chat independently
Antek: jimboo: just wanted to say that I had a first closer look at you site some minutes ago
jimboo: Alot of people come from the channels
jimboo: did you like what you saw
Please select recipients for private message
Antek: jimboo: yes, but i will have more time tomorrow to read it in more detail
jimboo: you might want to check the page My personal sightings and more while your there
Antek: yes, I will check them

Antek: ok, bye bye
jimboo: see ya and thank

*** MR C has joined.

pops: What time is it exactly there?
MR C: 9:51
jimboo: 7:45 pm
jimboo: must be east coast MR C
pops: 11.45 am sunday here
MR C: got it
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jimboo: you aussies are allways ahead of us in the states!
MR C: are you east pop
pops: MR C you're on the east coast of states

MR C: yes

pops: MR C I'm in Australia
jimboo: Artesia New Mexico
MR C: pops i'm in USA
pops: We strap our PCs to kangaroos for transport
MR C: always wanted to go down under
pops: It's winter, but good today

MR C: temp ?
pops: you can eat them (not a joke)

pops: Temperature 15degrees celcius
MR C: here 75 F
pops: Warm day is about 25
jimboo: I allways have trouble converting C to F
jimboo: mid 60's here
pops: I can't either
pops: MR C have you been to this chat before
MR C: no, never chatted before pops: UFO story?
jimboo: good then you wont try to crash this room(MR C)
MR C: not to worry
pops: Are you any relation to MR FREEZE?
MR C: no
pops: I have always wanted to go to America, but only certain bits
jimboo: stay away from the big cities to much crime
MR C: if you visit be selective
pops: New Orleans, AREA 51
pops: South to MEXICO
jimboo: you cant get to close to area 51
pops: DISNEY ? who cares? Hollywood ? Who cares?
pops: They've painted you as a bunch of loonies
jimboo: it costs about 60 dollars us to go to disney now!
pops: For a day?
MR C: follow historical and preserve sites
jimboo: maybe 30 my wife said still expensive
pops: Hello to Mrs Jimboo from aus
jimboo: she say hello
pops: I bet IPHONE doesn't give this much typing practice
jimboo: we have a bunch of old sites around this area
pops: Go on
jimboo: Iphone is cool but a pain
pops: MR C where are you in the States?
jimboo: we have Lincoln NM where Billy the kid escaped jail
MR C: contact US historical Society web site
MR C: Pennsylvania
jimboo: you cna at least tell us what region(MR C)
jimboo: never mind
pops: I hope the history is accurate. The history of alien contact is crap.
pops: Sorry I don't mean you MR C
MR C: tell me about aliens
pops: I didn't mean the historical sopcietuy
pops: i meant about billy the kid
MR C: have either of you had a UFO siteing
pops: well MR C I believe we're not even close to being alone
MR C: could not disagree, tell more

jimboo: i think ther are many types of aliens visiting us all the time
pops: The "Greys" are not fiction in my opinion *** Ironic has joined.
pops: They seem to come from a binary star just 30 approx light years away
*** Ironic is now known as Bucket Head
jimboo: the greys come up in stories all the time
*** Bucket Head has left.
pops: Yea people make stuff up, but look through that
jimboo: I never heard that before
pops: about the biary?
jimboo: yes
pops: The star system is called Zeta Reticuli
pops: Two stars revolve around each other, lots of light.
MR C: pops, do you think contact by the masses will occur in our lifetime
pops: That's amazing I was just going to say

pops: Alien contact.... live telecast of aliens on TV world wide
pops: is predicted
pops: for around about next year
pops: If you believe in prediction
pops: believe it. Some come true some not like everything
MR C: If it happens I'll tell all , I got it first from pops
pops: Kennedy's assassination for example well predicted
pops: IT exists, but so many dellusional people
pops: make things up and even fool themselves
pops: My father had a dream about the winner of a horse race
pops: Evrything including vivid colours, correct jockey he couldnt have known
pops: He told everybody and sure enough it won by miles
pops: When it's real its real
MR C: pops, jimboo, got to go, hope to see you here again
pops: However some prediction is just crap so I can't verify this one
pops: I sort of hope it happens. Bye NRC
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*** MR C has left.

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pops: did you get that?
jimboos: i guess a old connect drops off after a bit
jimboos: yep
pops: now have you read my email
jimboos: it has hppened befor dont know why
jimboos: did you just send email
pops: No from earlier before you got here
jimboos: ya I got that and also sent you some when I went down pops: I'll look right now, type away and I'll be back
jimboos: This is a nice looking chat page but i am not happy with it
jimboos: It was nothing
pops: back now
jimboos: ok
pops: now can you get all of the chat from before you got on ( as admin)
jimboos: This silly thing wouldnt let me on as adm today
pops: uh oh
jimboos: it has done that before once
jimboos: it says adm not available
pops: well I said it because basically the guy gave a UFO report before
pops: so I'll cut and paste and email it.
jimboos: I only got a part about something white
pops: yeah
jimboos: if you can that would be great.
*** Jedi Knight has joined.
jimboos: no I have all on my site
pops: Hi Jediknight
*** Jedi Knight has left.
jimboos: he did not like it i guess
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PuNKasFuck: the truth is out there
PuNKasFuck: i saw an alien the other day and it ate my sister
*** PuNKasFuck has left.
pops: Yes it is PuNKasFuck, and I can see it
jimboos: you got rid of him
pops: Hey he sounded like a covert operation waiting to happen
jimboos: have you heard anything new in australia about ufos
pops: To be honest I haven't read the fireballs yet
pops: I am still fascinated by Chariots of the Gods
jimboos: do you ever get the time to look for youself on a clear night
pops: Even in this small city the lights and winter haze hamper clear vision
pops: I think sitting and watching is unlikely to yield much, perhaps I shouldn't think that way
jimboos: if you can see many stars you may be able to watch for some of the ones i see here
pops: Well the comet has long gone under the horizon here
pops: but you would still have it
jimboos: watch closely some night and watch for any star that is moving slowly and erratic
jimboos: it gone
jimboos: they are hard to spot when very hig but when you get used to it you can spot them easy
pops: Last night a star caught my eye, venus actually, it just looked different like a ship
pops: Are you talking about the frequent sightins there
jimboos: I know they are diff when the appear to just switch off
jimboos: a jet would not just switch off its lights
pops: No a star can switch off by high cloud which you can't see coming over
jimboos: test
jimboos: not on a perfectly clear night!
pops: Of course when I saw my sighting there was no way it would be affected that way
pops: This thing was CLOSE
*** Gemini8 has joined.
jimboos: when they switch off if i am watching with binocalars i can still track them barely
pops: Hello Gemini this is capcom so you read Gemini8: hello.
pops: do you have any info for us

Gemini8: No, just want to talk to UFO people.
jimboos: about what?
pops: We were just saying, Gemini8, about lights just switching off

Gemini8: I have parents who don't beleave in aliens, close-minded people. I just can't accept that we are the only race in the universe
pops: you mean not the only race
jimboos: either can I just from the media you know ther is something
pops: sorrry you're right
Gemini8: I saw lights flickering on and off in my cabin up in Georgia, they looked like lightning bugs, but the light was way to bright
jimboos: hemm
*** F.Mulder has joined.
jimboos: hi F. Mulder
F.Mulder: Hi jimboos
Gemini8: I'm on a decline on a mountain, while I was sleeping I looked up and say flickering lights.
pops: Were the lights outside?
Gemini8: Yeah.

pops: Stars can flicker on and off with high cloud which you can't see blocking them
pops: I saw Mars do that and it took at least 5 minutes to figure
Gemini8: No, you can tell the a stars light, this light I saw was more of a pure white, not a darker light like a star

F.Mulder: interesting
jimboos: did it move erratic?
Gemini8: It might have been the electricity in the clouds, I really don't think it was a UFO, I just thought it was weird
pops: F. Mulder do you have a sighting
F.Mulder: None yet
F.Mulder: I always look though
Gemini8: It moved from one side of my window, then later on the other side, not really erratic, just slow
pops: I think it's good when people admit they have n't seen the full thing the big show

F.Mulder: I had a couple close ones but no real one yet
Gemini8: I'll really only be covinced if it comes down like half a mile away from me, or they abduct me
F.Mulder: A close encounter.
pops: I recently had an interesting experience which seemed to us all a possible UFO experience
pops: The people I was with were irrational and flighty
Gemini8: brb
pops: in a house in Sydney
F.Mulder: I visited your sight and have it bookmarked jim
Gemini8: back
pops: The powere flickered., we heard a strange noise
jimboos: thank you
pops: The teenage girl screamed and ran in from the back room overlooking a field
F.Mulder: I wish I could chat more but i've been on for many hours....I just now noticed this room open.
pops: She said a huge UFO was right behind the house for a moment and ti was bright blue
pops: and seemed to go up on the roof
pops: People were called, the airport, older family members from the house
Gemini8: that's like the only ufo type thing I've seen, unless you that ship flying along side Haley-Bop
F.Mulder: I just bought the 50th anniversary collectors issue:The Complete Roswell UFO Encyclopedia
pops: This guy actually thought aliens were on the roof getting ready to abduct us
F.Mulder: I have to read it!!
Gemini8: Hey. Have you ever noticesd with the X-Files, not one drunken redneck has reported seeing a UFO, just sober, well-dressed, respectable people?
pops: Anyway the explanation was that I just happened to be there when a car smacked into a powere pole on the road on the other side of the field
jimboos: ya
F.Mulder: Did you get that from Mad Magazine Gemini??
Gemini8: yes, I did.
F.Mulder: I saw that too!
Gemini8: and i think it is very true.
jimboos: thanks very much gemini8
Gemini8: By goodness, Horatio. i do beleave I have just seen a Unidentified Flying Object.
pops: This horrific crash knocked the power pole and a huge blue power arc
Gemini8: So, the UFO was a fallen power line?
F.Mulder: I hope to talk to you soon jim.....and room.
F.Mulder: bye
Gemini8: bye.
pops: was sent out, which this girl saw as a UFO through the rippled galss
pops: To her it went on to the roof
*** F.Mulder has left.
Gemini8: Are crop circles suppose to be where alien ships have landed?
pops: These people hardly were aware of my interest in ufos, I jsut happened to be there

jimboos: have you seen the video on tv showing one being made

Gemini8: Yeah, but I was ust wondering if that's what they were suppose to be
pops: Crop circle video????? is that from UK

Gemini8: My question is, by the size of the circles these ships must be huge, how come no one sees them?
jimboos: could be a hoax with computers

jimboos: maybe they are playfull!
Gemini8: To your left is Stonehenge, to your right is a, well, I can't really tell what that is, don't bother taking pictures folks, it's nothing
pops: That circle is called the julia set
pops: It appeared during peak traffic
jimboos: interesting
pops: and nobody saw it form
pops: Yes the picture you \refer to is extraordinary
Gemini8: The only thing I can really think of as hard proof of aliens is mutilated cows.

Gemini8: the ones with no incision marks, no blood, and like a leg or organs missing from the alien
Gemini8: animal, not alien, animal
jimboos: I have talked to a deputy hear and he says coyotes can make wounds like that I do not believe him
pops: Are you a male, Gemini8?
Gemini8: yeah
pops: It's boys club then
Gemini8: I'll be right back
jimboos: ok
Gemini8: have yto go say hi to someone
*** Gemini8 has left.
jimboos: private again
pops: The only thing I can really think of as hard proof of aliens is mutilated cows.
jimboos: maybe
pops: What do you think?
*** Gemini8 has joined.
pops: I was just pasting the previous quote
jimboos: the deputy I talked to went to a call of mutilated cow
Gemini8: I don't really beleave these abduction cases, and how can you take a leg from a cow with no blood on the ground?

jimboos: they say coyotes lick up all the bllod
Gemini8: that's a lot of blood
Gemini8: one quick question before I leave, does anyone beleave that the government has a ufo at area 51
jimboos: The deputy did seem to want to change the subject quick when i brouht it up
Gemini8: i would to.
pops: Yes I think there's something funny about those cow cases.
jimboos: I think so and have had reports from nearby that area
jimboos: triangle in particular
Gemini8: well, my friend brought up an interesting point, you can't keep all those soldiers on that base forever
Gemini8: and how do you stop those soldier from spilling the beans
pops: there is debate whether so much could be kept secret
*** Jamie1 has joined.
Gemini8: they couldn't keep the atomic bomb a secret, how could they possibly keep aliens a secret?
jimboos: threaten them
Gemini8: that's when they run to a tabloid
jimboos: they have been doing it for many years
pops: But look at the reaction when people are threatened, it's different to keeping yourmiddle name secret
Gemini8: my other friend siggested they implant micrichips in their brains to keep them in line
*** Jamie1 has left.
jimboos: with these computers they can track anyone
pops: that could be, too
Gemini8: he just said that to piss off my other friend who served in the army during viet nam
Gemini8: well, i'll talk to you all later
Gemini8: bye
jimboos: I invite military to tell all!
*** Gemini8 has left.
jimboos: was she mad at me?
pops: Articulate conversation with him
jimboos: lost me
jimboos: ok i read it duhh
pops: no I don't know what he meant.... "he just said that to piss off my other friend
pops: how do I put somethin in italics
jimboos: Have you read my article on the Roswell Musuem
pops: No
jimboos: it is on the main page farther down
jimboos: in the advert section
jimboos: link
pops: If I disconnect can I then cut & paste from this chat
jimboos: have you heard of the Roswell UFO Museum?
jimboos: no do it first!!!!!
jimboos: I screwed up the other day doing that
pops: museum, no
jimboos: and do a copy and paste
pops: I'll copy and paste now
jimboos: The museum is getting to be a big thing here and in USA
pops: don't send till I'm back
pops: it's not copying the text
jimboos: did you highlight it then right click to copy
pops: no i selected it from EDIT
jimboos: the way I do it is to highlight it then right click over it and select copy then save it to a text file that I have open
jimboos: paste
pops: yep. But I'll try again now
pops: It worked
jimboos: great...
jimboos: im looking foward to the sighting
pops: This would be a great way to writwe a book if people wanted to read chat
jimboos: it can get interesting
pops: It woudn't take long to fill 20 000 words
jimboos: yep
pops: by the way the guy who told me about the telescope and the floating silver ball, is a jailer (spelt gaoler here)
jimboos: You may have seen the sighting Bizzare sighting Artesia NM\
pops: go on
jimboos: 3 police 1973
jimboos: did you read it ?
pops: no
jimboos: You need to read it. I have talked to one of the guys who seen it He is a detective now
jimboos: He is very serious and reliable
pops: when was the sighting posted
jimboos: I also know another guy who seen it that night a LT.
jimboos: It was one of the first ones.
pops: top 100?
jimboos: if you goto the entire sightings data base i beieve it is up to the top almost
jimboos: it is also in the top 100
*** J.C. has joined.
pops: spine
J.C.: So what's new?
pops: J.C. you must be 2000 years old
J.C.: Yup
J.C.: 2004 but who's counting
pops: How are your hands? healing
J.C.: What
pops: Sorry poor taste
J.C.: I'm not following
J.C.: Hi Jimboos
pops: Back to UFOs guys.During the war American forces occupied
jimboos: hello how are you?
J.C.: How about Roswell
pops: islands where natives lived untouched in the stone age
J.C.: What really happened at Roswell New Mexico
pops: When they left aftre the war the natives had a strong reaction
J.C.: The Roswell Case
pops: and built model planes out of straw and made runways
J.C.: I'm from South Dakota
pops: That's what the Nascar lines and so on are, primitives hoping that the Gods will return
jimboos: cool
*** J.C. has left.
pops: JC One theory oh he's gone
jimboos: did you know him from before?
pops: no
pops: did you say cool to him?
jimboos: no to you about the lines
pops: Yes, good isn't it. It's so clear
*** rickd has joined.
rickd: see ya later
jimboos: ther has got to be something to it
pops: The oldest religious thing in the world is a temple near lake titicarcar
jimboos: is that where a giant alien is supososed to be buried
pops: Legend (a word to mock history) says that the temple is for a woman who came and taught many things
jimboos: hmmm
pops: before leaving for the stars again
pops: This is reapeated many times around the world
pops: But what we get wrong is the time
pops: VERY VERY OLD some of it
jimboos: there calendar was different than ours
pops: The lake is receding at 1/8 inch per year
*** rickd has left.
pops: The lake was said to lap at the temple walls, and now the lake is 18 miles away
jimboos: another one bit the dust
pops: So we're talking about long before present recorded history
pops: The temple has the fantastic accuracy etc of other buildings
jimboos: do you think ther may have been even more ancient civilizations
pops: i think that it keeps recurring ov

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}