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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports
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on Wednesday, April 22, 1998 at 01:47:47

location: Brackenridge, Pennsylvania USA
date: 1966
time: Around 9 P.M.
It was the summer of "1966" around 9:00 P.M. when 
Gary Savage and his brother were going to the local 
pool hall when they seen a spaceship or ufo to most 
people.  They were about half way, when they saw 
lights crossing over a bridge, that was heading in 
their direction.  Gary said to his brother, why is 
an airplane towing one of those commercial signs at 
this time of night.  Gary's brother responded "I 
don't know".  As they drew closer to their encounter, 
it then looked like a small good year blimp with 
lights going around it.  Then the lights went out, 
and the aircraft made a turn in their direction, 
which was approaching from their left, about one 
hundred yards out from them.  As it got closer, Gary 
said to his brother "now it looks like a helicopter". 
When they could see what it was, Gary stopped the car 
and they both said at the same time "its a ufo".  
They got out of the car and were looking at something 
that people from all over the world have been seeing.  
Gary said to his brother, do you think they will zap 
a tire wrench if I would throw it at the spaceship.  
His brother said they might zap you.  Gary heard 
someone shouting, does anyone have a camera, Gary and 
others that were there said no.  Then the spaceship 
started to move slowly away from them.  Gary shouted 
don't leave.  They watched the spaceship go across 
the river and up over a mountain into a town called 
Lower Burrell, PA USA.  When they got to the 
Brackenridge pool hall, there was a police car there.  
Gary went over to the police officer and told him 
what they had seen.  The officer told Gary that the 
police in Lower Burrell were getting phone calls 
about the ufo.
If you have seen a ufo, 
you can email me at

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