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Subject: UFO Sighting Reports

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on Tuesday, February 17, 1998 at 16:08:11

location: Raton, New Mexico, USA

date: February 6, 1998

time: 11:30 PM

sighting: Email address:   

     My family and I were traveling to Colorado 
for a weeks skiing vacation.  We were scheduled 
to spend the night in Raton, New Mexico and 
complete the trip the next day to the slopes. 
We were maybe an hour from Raton on Highway 64/87.  
The time was before midnight, the moon was glowing 
through the solid overcast sky.  I was driving and 
noticed a dark figure about 5 to 10 degrees above 
the horizon, approximately and slightly to the 
right of my direction of travel (which was NW).  
The figure was a large eliptical shape, very dark 
to black, and not moving.  
     I showed the object to my wife who began 
witnessing the object with me.  The object stoodout 
against the solid color overcast sky.  It then 
elongated with the left end extending out and down.  
My wife remarded it looked like a stealth plane.  It 
then regrouped back into its original eliptical shape.  
Again it repeated the elongation and returned to its 
original shape.  As quick as your are reading this it 
split into two smaller shapes and then quickly 
disappeared.  It never seemed to move from its 
original location from when we first sighted it.  
This all took place in three to five minutes.  My 
wife was quite shaken about the event and we never 
saw a trace of it again. 
     We told friends at the mountain of the sighting.  
One couple said they saw a report on TV of others 
witnessing a similar event.  I would like to get some 
confirmation of this sighting or one similar.  
Help!  A first timer. 

{UFO Sightings in New Mexico and the World}